Simplify with SwiftUI

Discover the latest updates to SwiftUI. Want to add some great graphics to your app? Fascinated by Swift concurrency and the implication of async/await? Want to add Focus features to your iPad app? It’s all here and more. We’ll show you how to add a search field to your app on all platforms, peer into the crystal ball to think like SwiftUI, learn all about async image, and explore how to build a great Mac app from start to finish.

What's new in SwiftUI

There’s never been a better time to develop your apps with SwiftUI. Discover the latest updates to the UI framework — including lists, buttons, and text fields — and learn how these features can help you more fully adopt SwiftUI in your app. Find out how to create beautiful, visually-rich...

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Demystify SwiftUI

Peek behind the curtain into the core tenets of SwiftUI philosophy: Identity, Lifetime, and Dependencies. Find out about common patterns, learn the principles that drive the framework, and discover how you can use them to guarantee correctness and performance for your app.

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Craft search experiences in SwiftUI

Discover how you can help people quickly find specific content within your apps. Learn how to use SwiftUI’s .searchable modifier in conjunction with other views to best incorporate search for your app. And we’ll show you how to elevate your implementation by providing search suggestions to help...

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Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app

Learn how you can bring your graphics to life with SwiftUI. We’ll begin by working with safe areas, including the keyboard safe area, and learn how to design beautiful, edge-to-edge graphics that won’t underlap the on-screen keyboard. We’ll also explore the materials and vibrancy you can use...

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Direct and reflect focus in SwiftUI

With device input — as with all things in life — where you put focus matters. Discover how you can move focus in your app with SwiftUI, programmatically dismiss the keyboard, and build large navigation targets from small views. Together, these APIs can help you simplify your app’s interface...

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Bring Core Data concurrency to Swift and SwiftUI

Discover how Core Data is adopting the new concurrency capabilities of Swift 5.5, leading to more concise, efficient, and safe asynchronous code. We'll show you how to update Core Data in your apps to work with concurrency, and detail the many other improvements throughout the framework that make...

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SwiftUI Accessibility: Beyond the basics

Go beyond the basics to deliver an exceptional accessibility experience. Learn how to use the new SwiftUI Previews in Xcode to explore the latest accessibility APIs and create fantastic, accessible apps for everyone. Find out how you can customize the automatic accessibility built into SwiftUI to...

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Localize your SwiftUI app

Learn how to localize your SwiftUI app and make it available to a global audience. Explore how you can localize strings in SwiftUI, including those with styles and formatting. We'll demonstrate how you can save time by having SwiftUI automatically handle tasks such as layout and keyboard shortcuts,...

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Code-Along: Build a great Mac app in SwiftUI

Code along with us and build a Mac app from start to finish in SwiftUI.

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Discover concurrency in SwiftUI

Discover how you can use Swift’s concurrency features to build even better SwiftUI apps. We’ll show you how concurrent workflows interact with your ObservableObjects, and explore how you can use them directly in your SwiftUI views and models. Find out how to use await to make your app run...

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