Push Notifications Console

The Push Notifications Console makes it easy to send test notifications, both device and broadcast, to Apple devices through the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The console provides an intuitive way to manage channels used for broadcast push notifications. Access logs that provide insights into the delivery process and leverage tools to generate and validate tokens. You can also get insights into aggregated delivery metrics for test and production device notifications accepted by APNs, monitor delivery state trends, and validate the daily health of your app’s notifications.

The Push Notifications Console displayed on a MacPro The Push Notifications Console displayed on a MacPro The Push Notifications Console displayed on a MacPro The Push Notifications Console displayed on a MacPro

Send push notifications

The Push Notifications Console includes an intuitive web interface that lets you easily send device and broadcast push notifications to validate that your app has end-to-end push functionality. You can also browse a history of the messages sent through the console, which makes it easy to quickly iterate by adjusting notification attributes and resending.

Broadcast push notifications New

The all-new broadcast capability from APNs makes it easier for you to deliver updates to your Live Activities at scale. With broadcast push notifications, you can now reach all your subscribed users by sending just a single push notification.

Access delivery logs

APNs helps route remote push notifications to the destination device. The delivery of the push notification depends on various factors, namely: device power considerations, device connection, priority of the push, application’s state on the device, and others. This feature will help you learn how these various factors ultimately impact the delivery of the device push notification, by providing some insight into the progression of the notification as it travels through APNs.

Monitor delivery metrics

Aggregated push metrics offer insights into delivery state trends across different push types and priorities for device push notifications, so you can monitor the daily health of your app’s notification integration with APNs.

When a notification is processed through APNs, it transitions through different states. With these metrics, you can view different delivery states of pushes sent from your server to users’ devices where your app is installed.

Authenticate and validate

The Push Notifications Console includes additional tools to help you authenticate and validate your implementation with APNs:

Authentication token validation. Enter your token and check whether it’s valid for your application.

Authentication token generation. Provide a key identifier and select the private key associated with it to get the corresponding authentication token. To preserve your privacy, the token is generated in your browser and nothing is uploaded to our servers.

Push Token validation. Simply enter a push token to see if it’s valid for a particular environment/push type combination.

Get started

To access the console, sign in with your Apple ID associated with your Apple Developer Program membership.

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