Get started with your iOS Developer University Program

Assigning Team Roles

You can manage team members, assign roles to existing members, or invite others to join your team.

Managing Developer Roles in Your Account

Your account on the developer website is where you can manage your development team, which can include up to 200 students. Team roles are used to assign certain responsibilities to a developer. While students can be added only as Team Members, faculty and staff are intended to assume the Admin role in order to be able to invite additional team members, approve digital certificates, create provisioning profiles, and more. Sign in to your account

Setting Up Your Development Environment

As an iOS Developer University Program member, you have access to the GM version of Xcode, which includes the Xcode IDE, Instruments, iOS Simulator, and the iOS SDK.

You can download Xcode from the Mac App Store to begin developing great apps for iOS.
Download Xcode

Developing Your App

The iOS Developer University Program provides a wide range of technical resources to assist you in designing, developing, and testing your iOS apps.

iOS Dev Center

The iOS Dev Center allows you to quickly access technical resources and information you need to design and develop apps for iOS. Visit iOS Dev Center

iOS Developer Library

The iOS Developer Library provides a wealth of technical information to help you understand how to implement and develop with iOS technologies.

Development Videos

Watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth information on how to use the tools and technologies for developing apps for iOS.
Watch now

Apple Developer Forums (Agent only)

Join discussions with other professors or post your own questions about designing a curriculum around iOS development. Log in to the Apple Developer Forums

Testing Apps on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

The iOS Developer University Program allows you to test your app directly on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Use Devices for Development and Testing

The iOS Simulator is an essential tool for rapid app development. The iOS Developer University Program allows you to test your app and conduct performance analysis directly on iOS devices that your app supports. Be sure to use only devices that are dedicated to testing and development and not personal devices. In addition, we recommend keeping separate devices with prior versions of iOS installed to test compatibility.

Provisioning Devices for Development

You can use Xcode to designate new devices for generic or specialized development, as described in Provisioning a Device for Development.

Sharing Your Applications

With the iOS Developer University Program, students and professors within the same team can share their development applications with each other through email, or by posting them to a private website for presentation and grading purposes.