HTTP Live Streaming

Send live or pre-recorded audio and video to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac using an ordinary web server. Designed for mobility, HTTP Live Streaming can dynamically adjust movie playback quality to match the available speed of wired or wireless networks. HTTP Live Streaming is great for delivering streaming media to an iOS app or HTML5-based website.

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Technical Notes and FAQs

App Store Tip

Apps streaming video over a cellular network with a duration of 10 minutes or more, must use the HTTP Live Streaming protocol and include an audio-only 64 Kbps stream. Learn more

App Store Tip

If your app delivers streaming video over a cellular network, you must provide a test stream URL when submitting your app for review. Learn more

Tips and Best Practices

To verify that your media streaming implementation conforms to the HTTP Live Streaming specification, you should always run the Media Streaming Validator tool.

Streaming Examples

View examples of .M3U8 files formatted to index streams and .ts media segment files.
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Video Presentations

Learn about HTTP Live Streaming with video presentations and tutorials.


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