Parental Gates

Parental gates are used in apps targeted towards kids to prevent them from engaging in commerce or following links out of an app to websites, social networks, or other apps without the knowledge of their parent or guardian. A parental gate presents an adult level task which must be completed in order to continue.


The App Store Review Guidelines require some apps to include a parental gate. There is no set way to do this, but we’ve compiled some examples below to provide inspiration for creating gates in your apps for kids. A good strategy is to randomize the combination of questions and answers each time the gate is presented to prevent kids from memorizing the responses.

Reading Simple Instructions

Some parental gates include simple instructions that describe a specific task or combination of interactions for an adult to complete in order to engage in commerce or link out of the app.

Speaking Simple Instructions

If your app is intended for pre-literate children, consider using a voice over prompt to help kids know they need to involve their parent or guardian.

Question and Answer

You can also require users to correctly answer questions in order to continue. The question should be age-appropriate or customizable by the parent, so the child cannot easily answer it.

Resources and Requirements

As you plan and develop your app, read the App Store Review Guidelines and make sure your app meets the requirements of all applicable laws including children’s privacy statues. For more information on how to prepare and submit your app to the App Store, read App Store Connect Help.