Hold your device to the sky to automatically find stars, 
constellations, planets, satellites and more.

Sky Guide brings an intuitive, creative, and detailed approach to exploring the world above us. In addition to powerful search, tracking, and simulation functions that accurately portray the past, present, and future of the sky, this app also provides exclusive content on countless celestial bodies. Hundreds of handcrafted illustrations, custom articles, detailed historical information, original sound design, unique high resolution photography, and advanced features make for an unforgettable app. Users can use filters to investigate the sky with invisible wavelengths of light and view hidden wonders like supernova remnants, black holes, and the cosmic microwave background. Sky Guide is accessible to star gazers of all levels, with every feature available even without a Wi-Fi, data, or GPS signal. It’s also localized in 10 different languages.

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With decades of combined experience in the field and a passion for science, space, and exploration, Fifth Star Labs is dedicated to making memorable and illuminating moments come to life through software. Nick Risinger handles the design of Sky Guide, while Chris Laurel writes the code. Chris has spent more than a dozen years developing astronomy software, including contracting for NASA and the European Space Agency. Nick is known for his award-winning photography of the heavens.