Having issues authorizing payment for Apple Developer Program

  • I also have the same issue and have been trying for 5 months. I have called apple several times and went to my bank several times. The only thing I can do is find someone that has an account already and hope they don't put any virus in my code when its published.

  • Eu realmente nao entendo, porque uma empresa tao grande com um problema tao bobo. deveria no minimo ter uma documentacao explicando sobre o problema e como corrigir...

  • Hello! I'm also having trouble processing the credit card. I tried it with different cards from different brands. Apple, please improve this process. Any suggestions on how to solve my problem?

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  • Phone support is always unavailable and you never reply to emails. Why don't you fix this issue ???

  • Why you guys don't fix that issue? I'm passing through that pain. Every day I spend more than 1 hour in the phone talking with apple and they don't solve my problem. Apple is a really big company, why they have an so silly problem?

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I am having the exact same problem, unfortunately I recently had to get a new credit card since my old one expired but other than that nothing has changed since last year. My bank cant see any payments that try to authorize against my account so they cant tell me if something is wrong. So a bit stuck right now.


Do you have problems now?

I have same problem.

I changed three cards, but nothing...

A month has passed.

Support writes:


I understand that the duration of this process could be frustrating, and I apologize for all the inconvenience this is causing you.

We are still in the process of reviewing payments for the Apple Developer Program internally. You'll be notified of the information they provide once it becomes available.


I have (had) the same problem too. I tried various apple accounts, three different credit cards and several browsers (including private browwing). The payment(s) never went through.

Then Apple suggested that I contact by bank. I did, and the bank said they had no issues.

I am still unable to open a developer account.

I also called the banks. They have no problems.

I am writing letters in Apple. The answers are the same.

There is still no account.

The problem is not solved.

Hi guys! Any update?

I have the same problem - can't get access to apple developer program for almost one month already! Tried different email and cards - no luck!

Hi guys! Any update?

I have the same problem - can't get access to apple developer program for almost one month already! Tried different email and cards - no luck!

Just the same problem. Different credit cards and none of them worked, banks provide info than no purchases were made.

What is goning on? Contacting Apple Support doesn't help.

This problem seems to be major because it refers to many developers. Faced it myself, I conducted inverstigation around developer communities and I have read a lot of developer troubleshoot reports from Russia who are unable to enroll Apple Developer Program because of payment impossibility. Perhaps it applies to many countries except the United States, not only Russia.
The problem is not in any bank. Banks keep answering that they did not receive any payment requests, while Apple Support continue answering about problems from bank side with advice check billing information. This is wrong because trying different banks and credit cards did not help.

Problem seems to be from Apple's side, in payment processor or security system, probably both.

How can we get Apple's attention?

Problem is seriously major because many people have issues and unable to make payment for Apple Developer Program since November 2019.

  • It is also a problem in America.

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Hi guys!

I have exactly the same problem,

I am in Panama, Central America, since december 13 I made the payment for the registration to the developer program, yesterday I sent an email to Apple support and today they have replied that the problem is on the side of the bank.

But I have no notification in Bank transactions as declined much less a request for payment by Apple, it is a bit frustrating not being able to enter the developer program already having projects ready for publication.


I have exactly the same problem. I did 6 attempts with diferent cards and banks. Every order was canceled.

same here, i tried two accounts,different Cards,they keep saying that 'please check your bank' and the bank has no issues on their side.

it's probably an issue with the Apple Payment System, i talked to different Apple Support agents and they don't know what the problem is!.

it's been a month for me trying and trying, i hope they can fix it ASAP.

You need to contact email support and mention that you faced same problem as many other users.

Better to provide link to this thread in order to let Apple know that problem is serious.

Got same situation here

I have tried 4 different credit cards and two of them successfully charged. however one day later the order was marked as cancelld. I didn't get my money back in the end nor get my account activated.

why just don't apple fix this problem after a month

On December 30, I registered a new ticket with reference to the previous ticket and attached the link of this forum indicating that there are many users with the same problem, I made the payment again with the same card that I use to make purchases in the App Store and There is still no response, total disappointment, if anyone has any additional information they would be grateful if they can share it.

Im have like problem

Mybe problem becuse security code

Now im not see in form payment field security code

See image



  • I have the same problem here, Does this problem relate to the area where we are living. I'm currently living in Japan and I have a credit card in Japan too.

  • I am getting same problem here in Japan. How did you solved it ?

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