progress bar copying to iOS / iPadOS

What do you think the chances are of Apple providing some sort of progress bar when copying files to and from iOS / iPadOS devices from the finder?

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  • I have PURE SPECULATION, no idea if true, BUT:

    What if a "progress bar" or "progress indicator" is some kind of patented technology that apple can no longer use without paying someone. So they intentionally removed it. They do get lots of lawsuits. OR... Apple has been moving away from allowing you to save/use your OWN CONTENT that you copied or made yourself and play it back on your apple devices. They have pushed really hard to make you use subscription services like Spotify or Apple Music so that they can turn everything into a stream. They really don't want you to collect or use any media, cept maybe pictures or home movies you make on the device.

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Repeat the process with while holding the option key - do you see a copy progress bar then?

Also, please explain where you'd like to see a progress the Finder, on the device...?

Well it hasn't shown up on IpadOS 14 either. As a video content creator trying to use the Ipad for editing I find this is crazy that I have no real progress indicator when tranferring GB of Data to my ipad. Especialy since Apple is trying to push this so hard as all you need for most people.
Here is an excerpt from their own devolper recomendations.
"Favor progress bars over activity indicators. If activity is quantifiable, use a progress bar instead of an activity indicator so people can better gauge what’s happening and how long it will take"
Apple can you take your own advice and five us that? The spinning circle means nothing.
  • 1 To fix this. It's crazy make this kinds operations without progress indicator. Apple is

neglecting the details very often
I don't understand why would Apple have removed such as basic feature when replacing iTunes file transfer by Finder file transfer. It is fundamental to have a visual indication that the files are actually being copied, as it is very easy to think that the transfer is not occurring at all otherwise. This is a fundamental feature that needs to be implemented asap.
It's absolutely insane that Apple does not provide any kind of progress indication, completely disregarding their own fundamental recommendations to developers. It's completely beyond me that transferring files from an old ****** Windows 7 machine to my iPhone or iPad is the better experience, even though it still requires iTunes, at least I know something is happening and when it will finish.
I have noticed quite a few obvious "Windows" like things like this over the last few years creeping into MacOS. I suspect they are poaching from Microsoft and it shows. Most of the NeXT guys have certainly left the building.
Yep, just encountered this and this is, like so many other things since the post Steve Jobs era, absolutely crazy. A file copy operation without ANY kind of progress indicator. Seriously? And then, no "Copy" or any other options in the right-click menu... you HAVE to use Drag 'n Drop!!!
A progress bar is an absolute necessity. I'm copying 128GB from SD card to external hhd. No idea if it's doing it, or how long it will take. It failed the first time when copying individual files. Tried again with the whole folder, and WHO KNOWS? I didn't bother to check this beforehand. I just assumed, why would a copy file progress bar not be there in a product made for creative professionals???? Now 5 hours of client work is in jeopardy. Just SO unbelievable. Turns out, a 2020 12.9" iPad "pro" is not a suitable device for Pro media production. Not even close....
It's pretty frustrating to have no idea if the copy to an iOS device has either started or is in progress. The only way I could set up my own progress hint was to copy files across a dedicated LAN mounted file store (on the Mac) and run "netstat 1" from a terminal to see if data transfer was in progress. Netstat gives you an idea of the throughput so I had to run a progress bar in my head. If any other transfer is in progress across that LAN mount, it messes up the monitoring.

Another possibility was to use "iostat 5" and monitor transfers from a mounted disk.

It's pretty crazy to have to guess like this (not been fixed for over a year, across two MacOS major versions). Where's the file going? Did I drag the file into the right folder (no indication until all is complete). How close to capacity am I while copying? Who's the manager in charge of this utility? Enquiring minds want to know!

Same here. I cannot understand how one can implement a long operation and not giving the user a way to know when its over or how much as been already done. Progress bar have been here for decades. Who forgot them in this case and why has it not been fixed already?

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I think chances are extremely small. Apple usually don't give a damn about user's complaints. If Apple devs made a bug - it's not a bug, it's a feature.

We do care about user complaints and feedback. Also, I checked in our internal issue tracker, and this feature has been discussed as recently as this month. I can't comment on the status of this feature, but the Files team is aware of this request.

  • glad to see something from Apple. I have been an Apple user since the IIe (c. 1980), and am constantly amazed at how often Apple now seems to turn their back on the decades of experience and UI design. This is one such feature - with all the complexity of Apple systems now, the underlying assumption has to be that the user expectation is worst case, thus designing with re-assurance in mind is paramount. Even with my experience, I assumed the first few times that I was using the new "drag and drop" that I had made some mistake. Seriously, no progress bar?!

  • Ehy what's the status on this? It's a lacking feature since years! Time to fix!

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With Monterey beta same problem.

I don't understand Apple.

No news ?? Just to add a poor bar Graph ? ah ok i know, it's just available from iphone 15 That's it ?

when I was a kid in college I remember in the last lecture of the UI/UX fundamentals course that showing Progress indicators of ongoing tasks is one of the most important basics of good UX.