manually redoing Xcode 7 GM upgrade to recommended settings

When upgrading to XC7 GM form XC 6.4, it had an option to upgrade project to recommended settings. I run it. It was about moving to WatchOS 2 and also several settings regarding $(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER)

Afterwhile, I discarded project changes because I had to test on WatchOS 1 before.

This discard was a mistake since Xcode non longer propose automatic upgrade of settings.

How to manually redo those settings change:

  • switch to WatchOS 2
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For the record, I've been able to recover from that state by restoring from Time Machine (more complete thant SVN), and done the upgrade process again.

To re-run the steps, select your project in the Project section and select Validate Settings... from the Editor menu. It is pretty well hidden, isn't it!