Commission for In App Purchase

Does Apple take 30 percent commission on all purchase within an app using the In App Purchase API?

This isn't related to Apple Pay, though.

In-App Purchase remains the same, and it is a different API:

You cannot use Apple Pay to allow users to pay for any digital products, upgrades, etc. that are consumed within your app, you must use IAP where Apple takes a 30% cut.

Apple Pay is different and provides API to accept payments for physical goods and services. Apple does not take a cut from these transactions (that you're subject to), however you are paying around 2-3% in credit card fees per transaction, but that's common for accepting money anywhere.

Does digital content include paying to get expert advices by tchat within the app (not a premium business model but a pay-per-text or flat rate model)?

IAP or Apple Pay for that kind of features?


Read the app review guidelines. I am pretty sure selling services outside the app using an In App Purchase is prohibited.

Thanks for your answer.

I red the guidelines many times but it is still blury as that advices are sold through the app and a text advice can be considered as a digital content.

On your point of view you consider that the expert is external to the app so IAP does not apply, right?

Always struggled in between IAP and Apple Pay in our apps... it can be useful that Apple gives real world examples to illustrate their guidelines.

Good question rpellerin and from the answer that KMT gave , again, no clear answer. The question is very simple and yet, noone is giving straight forward answer.

Use IN-app

Does anyone have a link to these commison rates on Can't find any documentation on this.

I have one question regarding Apple Pay. Consider registering as a member for a web + mobile app for Mobile. I need to charge $25 - $1000 for membership. Am I allowed to make the user pay for membership registration using Apple Pay as a membership fee or do I need to make the user pay using IAP?

Note: It's a hypotheical voting app with members only voting rights. Can I charge the user for membership using Apple Pay or am I suppose to charge him using IAP?

Commission for In App Purchase