Manually installing the beta two components fails?

So App Store Updte for 10.12 beta 2 installs three packages: FirmwareUpdate.pkg, FullBundleUpdate.pkg and OSXUpd10.12Patch.pkg.

I grabbed copies of these from a machine prior to their installation.

Only the "FullBundleUpdate.pkg" installs if I run it by itself.

The other two throw up a dialog like: "The package "FirmwareUpdate.pkg" requires additional components and cannot be installed independently. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance". (Same with the OSXUpd10.12Patch.pkg).

Is there something about these package updates that requires running them from the AppStore now? Or is there some other method for installing these "off-line" in some specific order?


I have the same problem. App Store says there are no updates, and I downloaded the files myself and can't install them. Only FullBundleUpdate.pkg installed.


The App Store update process stalls (as we know).

Download the following files manually:

Open /Library/Updates and switch to the folder with the stalled Sierra update files (sorry as it worked the folder has gone and I forgot to note the name)

Copy the manually downloaded files into this folder overwriting any existing files.


Open App Store and click Update again.

It should now ask you to reboot and will install the Beta 2.

Could you post the contents of ProductMetadata.plist and index.plist

There is no folder inside of /Library/Updates for me. Just 3 plist files. The update didn't stall, it just never showed up to begin with at least in my situation.

Could you share those 3 plist files? I have the same problem as yours but I only have 2 plist files under /Library?Updates

FIrst, you only need to download 3 of them, FullBundleUpdate.pkg, FirmwareUpdate.pkg and OSXUpd10.12Patch.pkg.

Secondly, there is a hint within the links as to the name of the folder inside Library/Updates into which these should go. It is 031-63042

Thank you, but still no update appears in the App Store.

Thanks a lot for these instructions. They worked perfectly for me.

Would you mind sharing your index.plist file? & think I may be missing something from there.

No -- that wasn't really my question. I downloaded those three files -- moved them to the desktop and then attempted to run them manually on another machine running Beta 1 -- and two of the three fail to run.

Is there a trick to take those 3 files and manually run them on another machine to update from B1 to B2?

Hi, I did this, but still no update shows. Can you post your PLIST files?

I get 404 not found opening those link. Any other link i can use?

This sort of is solved and also sort of isn't. It depends on the situation.

FIrstly if the mac app store starts to download it but it then stalls then this can be used to solve that problem.

However if the situation is that the update doen't show up at all in the mac app store then even if you have these packages then you are prevented from installing them properly. I suggested in another thread to use installpkg from github which is an app which can be used to install multiple packages simultaneously, but unfortunately it didn't work for these packages.

So to really solve the problem we need some way of installing the packages simultaneously - without using the mac app store at all. I don't think that has been solved yet.

This is awsome! Really works

My attempt at running these packages individually or via the github installer also failed miserably. I fall into the second category of poor souls with no updates available.

Question: have these experiments in any way corrupted my OS? Or are the attempted .pkg changes rolled back entirely once they fail?

The first beta is running like a champ on my pro 3,1 and I am enjoying Xcode 8 beta 2 (finally kinda stable for me). I'm just wondering if it is worth rolling back to a clean 16A201w or not?