App Store not showing update button when new version is available

We are currently forcing our users to use always the last version of our app available on the store, in order to handle breaking changes in the server.
We show an alert at app launch every time a new version is found on the app store and we bring the user to the app page on the store. It is working correctly, but we noticed that often the app store does not show the "update" button but the "open" one instead.

At the moment the process is very confusing because when the users press "open" it goes back to the app but then the alert redirects them to the app store again to update the app.

This looks like a bug, there are similar questions in this topic from last year, but similar issues has been recently reported on stackoverflow too

Was this already reported and fixed? Is it a regression? Did you receive any other report about this in the last months?
Are there any plan on your side to work on this issue?

If this is not going to be fixed soon what could we do to improve our users experience?

Which is the best way to help the user to move to the new versions and being sure they will be able to update the app when prompted?

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I have exactly the same problem just few days ago. Does anyone hear anything back from Apple?

The App Store is global in nature, and it may take time for an update to an app to be available in any given store front in any given region.

I would recommend versioning your server endpoint so that a a version of an app is tied to a version of your server release. For example, you may want to use URLs such as rather than Each version of your app can call the appropriate endpoint, and your server can also report that a new version is available.

This also makes it friendlier to your customers who may not be in a position to update at the moment they want to use your app.


Hi Jason,

We have a similar issue to the above but I don't believe it's due to global propogation, as the last release was made on 08th March 2017. When we open the app store page in app to update we have the issue of it saying Open rather than Update. But also when going to the app store directly there is no update available. Enpoint versioning wouldn't resolve this issue as whatever mechansism we use to drive users to update the store isn't recognising that they need to.

Any thoughts?

Oh, I have this problem for a long time, but I still have no solution for it. This make me confused.

I have exactly the same problem just few days ago. Does anyone hear anything back from Apple? 😟😟

I'm having the same problem too.. will inform on this thread if I find a solution.

suspect iCloud was causing an issue, but I'm not quite sure. Update was already installed on shared iCloud device so perhaps impacted device didn't consider the newer version an "Update", but instead a "download from iCloud".

Hey, My application("Zipper - File Manager /Transfer") was released with version 3.0. But when the users of my application tried to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0, it is showing as "Open" on the app store instead of "Update".

Is Apple looking into this issue ?

+1, same problem with our App, hope Apple is looking into this issue

Same problem with my app, the new version is released and is available on app store but no 'update' button (it says 'open') and no update badge icon on the app itself.

Did it bychance get fixed


I am also facing the same problem as you metioned.

I have released the update and it is available in app store, but it is not showing in updates list on iphone.

It is not even updating automatically also.

Looking for the solution

Thanks in advance.

Even I am facing the same issue. Can anyone confirm if apple has looked into this or a fix is available ?

Did you get this issue resolved?

We're seeing the same thing this morning:

  • App update was approved ~4 days ago.
  • We made it Ready for Sale ~12 hours ago.
  • Previous version of the app is still showing on the store.
  • Some of the new metadata is showing for the old version (e.g. release date).

This is the app in questions:

Could someone from Apple please help us out? This is a critical update for us!