CallKit and Apple Watch interoperability

Hi everyone,

I tried the demo app provided by Apple (and shown in the WWDC) called SpeakerBox in my devices (iPhone 6s, iOS 10 beta 5; AppleWatch with WatchOS 3 beta 5) and I have a serious doubt:

Are the features provided by CallKit available only on iOS or, since it uses the OS call system, we will have Apple Watch call handling for free as well?

I tested with the demo app but in that case I have the call ringing only on the phone, that sounds to me very weird since CallKit should be a framework to simplify the integration with the OS call system.

Does anybody know how and if is possible to have the standard call handling in WatchOS (>3 of course) as well?


Same question here

Any news about this?

I also confuse about why I can't receive and make VoIP calls by Apple watch like native call after the app integrate with CallKit.

Does it need to do some extra work to support? Or Apple Watch doesn't support receive and make VoIP calls?

This CallKit problem still persist in iOS 10.1.1
My apple watch have no notifications when a person call me via Whatsapp.

Same problem here; any of the apps that I use that support CallKit works; all them just ring on iPhone not on watch. Skype, WhatsApp, Bria....

Still not fixed in IOS 10.2.1 or WatchOS 3.1.3

Still not working on WatchOS4/iOS11. No VOIP apps using CallKit will ring on the Apple Watch (Series 1 or 2 tested). Amazing that Apple Dev's still haven't addressed this with so many people moving to VOIP tools

.... and still an issue on WatchOS4/IOS12. Perhaps there is a slim chance it will be addressed in WatchOS5 but I won't hold my breath...

Looks like even in watchOS 7 and ios 14 there is no way for developers to implement this.
Whatsapp does not show incoming calls on iwatch.