Xcode 8 GM seed Storyboard issue

Hi there,

I've tried XCode 8 GM seed and I've found out a serious issue in the Storyboard, either you use Auto Layout or disable it, Xcode 8 messes up with a UIView included into a UIScrollView, as shown here:



The wired thing is that if I resize that embedded UIView into the ScrollView, quit Xcode and open my project again, that UIView gets bigger again, with no sense, all the times.

Have you encountered the same issue?

Do you think Apple fix it with the Official release ofr XCode 8?



I have the exact same issue!

I have these complex ViewControllers in my Storyboard. There were a few issues when moving from Xcode 7 to Xcode 8 but I fixed them.

After closing Xcode and reopening it, in a handfull of ViewControllers, the subviews were completely misplaced and resized way off the the parent ViewController. And just like on your project, re-opening the storyboard would make some of the subviews bigger and bigger.

I waited till the GM to update my app. It's really worrysome.

I've actually sent Apple a DTS on this because I need this resolved at their level it seems.


I'm having the same problem. Is there a solution ?

I tried to downgrade to XCode 7, but it keeps failing.

if you didn't already, please open a bug with Apple to help others.

Yes, theres a bug with containers (UIScrollView, UITableViewCell, UICollectionViewCell, ...) and UIStackView.

Sometimes Xcode crash because infinite UIView size.

Bug report number: 28280107

I've submitted a bug and a DTS (originally thought it was an issue with the XML in my Storyboard).

Hi marioguzman

I have the exact same issue! Is there a solution ?

Hi - same problem here (released version).

Looks like XCode is acting on its own.

Hi, I have the same problem with quite a complex storyboard created with XCode 7, when ported to 8.

But it's just in the interface builder, if I run the app it's ok. I also noticed that updating frames on the views fixes this on IB, but then some views are messed up at runtime.

Anyone else experienced this? I submitted a bug to apple. This is going to be a real trouble, it's not a minor bug, it makes Xcode unusable (if you have storyboards)

Me. same behaviour.

The worst damages are to uiscrollviews with a container view, which I use quite a bit.

Right now I fixed SOME of these problems by removing ALL autolayout constraints and reverting back to old springs and strouts.

Of course this works depending on your complexity level on the view.

As if this wasn't enough, interface builder decides to render my views randomly: sometimes they're all white (no controls or subviews are shown), some other times they're "locked" to an old rendering (meaning: you drag them to a new position, you see the bounding box moving but the actual content stays locked to previous position).

I would expect this kind of bugs on a beta, not in the final release.

Actually, i was surprised to see this even in a beta (b6), because it's not a minor bug, it's quite substantial. I also noticed the 'locking' behaviour you describe.

I will continue working with Xcode7, but this means I can't test on iOS 10... It's quite a problem if Apple don't fix it or provide a workaround

Please keep me posted on the bug you submitted! I'm debating on reverting back to 7.3.1 until this is addressed. It has stopped my UI development in it's tracks. I do appreciate it!

Of course, I hope they come back with a solution. Bug number is 28146384.

if anyone is interested, I found a way to let Xcode 7 build on iOS 10.. I am gonna stick with that, for now

Holy cow!!! how did you do that? Right now I have both Xcode 8 and 7.3.1 installed and I edit my UI in 7.3.1 and build for iOS 10 on Xcode 8 (i just don't ever open IB).

Go to Xcode 8


There you find a list of folders which contain delveloper disk images for the versions of iOS.

Copy the folder 10.0 (14A345) to

/Applications/Xcode 7.3.1.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport

Then Xcode 7 should be able to build on iOS 10. Of course you do not have the new Swift, so no access to the new APIs

Disclaimer: I don't think this is supported by Apple in any way, so whoever does this, I take no responsibility for any trouble, damage or loss of data you could incur in 🙂