How to turn on airplay without mirroring on iOS 10

So my apply tv likes to act up at times on Hulu or Netflix. So when this would happen I would use the airplay mode to start Netflix or Hulu on my phone and airplay the show without mirroring. This would allow me to play show while still having full access to texting and emailing without any interruptions. With this new update it just automatically goes to mirroring How can I turn it off and just keep the airplay?

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User-centric queries such as this are perhaps best put to Apple's public community support forums and/or Apple's twitter support account, vs. risking off-topic here in the dev forums, thanks and good luck.

With you on that one! This is one of the most annoying things in the new operating system... I hope that there is an easy way to turn off mirroring... why on earth would that particular option ever have been changed? Mirroring is NEVER as successful when playing iphone youtube/hulu/etc through airplay as straight connection to airplay...

I think I ran into the same issue as you did but in reverse (couldn't figure out how to turn on just mirroring).

There are now two ways to connect to an external device in the control center.

The first control center pane seems to be for connecting to an external display only by mirroring.

Swiping to the second control center pane (now playing?) allows you to connect to an external display without mirroring.

I just managed it: after swiping up on the Home page, swipe to the left to get a second "page". Touch the down arrow in the window at the bottom of the screen and Apple TV will be one of your options - take it and you can use AirPlay without mirroring.

The change in accessibility of "simple" AirPlay actions (not mirroring) is irritating. Experience has taught that mirroring is not the best when playing videos, besides taking up Wi-Fi bandwidth.