Making an app that can be set the default web browser.

I have a few web browsers on my phone (Firefox, Chrome) and none of them can currently be set as default web browsers on iOS 14. I am assuming that there needs to be some work done in the app in order for the system to consider it a web browser and show in the list of browsers you can set as default.

I am also assuming that the web browser needs to comply with some sort of minimum functionality in order to work as a default.

I have been looking for a while for the documentation for this, and I haven't had any luck. What do I need to be able to set an app as a default web browser? A plist? Conform to a protocol? Anything else? Any points to the documentation will be appreciated as I cannot seem to find it on my own.


Hi Folks, we have made a small adjustment to requesting the new entitlements:
  • For the Default Web Browser entitlement, please use ""

  • For the Default Mail Client entitlement, please use ""

We are excited to share details about how to configure an application as a default, but are not yet ready to provide official documentation on this topic. However, I can provide a few details now.
  • Applications will need to take the new Managed Entitlement ''.

  • Applications must comply with a set of minimum functional criteria for handling web links and allowing user control of page navigation.

For now, you can start of the process by sending e-mail to '' with details about your specific application.