INListCarsIntent and all new EV methods

iOS 14 introduced EV routing in the Maps app as seen in the keynote. I maintain an EV app that currently conforms to INGetCarPowerLevelStatusIntent to provide updates via Siri about car power levels, charging and range. iOS 14 introduced a lot of new methods including things like chargingFormulaArguments all of which have no documentation.

I'm unable to get the maps app to suggest EV charge points when plotting routes (I'm using the example they showed in the keynote plotting a long route through California).

It also introduces INListCarsIntent which I assume is supposed to be called by maps to figure out what vehicles the user might use for a journey. Again, I've implemented all the methods I can find and it's never triggered when using Maps.

Is it simply the case that this functionality just flat out isn't enabled yet and doesn't work or am I doing something wrong?

The complete lack of documentation is making it very hard to guess how to use these and I'd really love to get it all functioning ready for the launch of iOS 14.

Any help/documentation/guidance massively appreciated here.


Well, methods are now documented but implementing them doesn't result in any electric vehicle options showing up in Maps.

The user guide suggests I should see these options here:

I've run out of options this point and I'm going to use a Developer Technical Support ticket to find out more. I can only assume that you either need special permissions or that the feature is not yet enabled.
Apple has confirmed via my TSI that this feature currently does not work due to a bug. It has been filed as Feedback (FB8760513) and I have used another TSI ticket to ask them for any potential workarounds.
I've started to learn about this API. Trying to find a way to enable EV routing for my car, and using a sample app to learn. I'm new to Car Play, but I don't see how to create the INCar object as I don't have the bluetooth identifier or iAP2 identifier that's needed for maps to "find" and list your car. My oem headunit is not publishing this as far as I can see (though I'll try and pairing and scan again), and it's not in any of my manuals (I assume this is to avoid hacking?).

Possible you have a mismatch somewhere for these details?
Any luck with more info on this??