Unable to install app on macOS with InstallApplication command / MDM on Big Sur


We've got a huge problem with installing iTunes apps on Big Sur using InstallApplication command.

When we send such command to Big Sur for an app (with VPP licenses assigned), we are observing different result depends on situation:
  • if there is no user logged in to App Store, we've got an error ASDErrorDomain:509 (There is no active account on this device)

  • if there is an user logged in to App Store but he never installed/bought that app (in App Store you can see 'install' button), we've got an error ASDErrorDomain:507 (Account does not own requested app)

  • if there is an user logged in to App Store and he "have" an app assigned, application is installing with no issues

For any other macOS versions such commands works perfect. We observe this issues in Big Sur beta 6 (didn't check that on previous betas).

That behavior doesn't make sense when we install VPP apps from MDM and we don't really expect users to have these apps on their App Store accounts (or if we assign license to serial number, we don't even expect to user log in to App Store at all!).

Did anyone observe that issue?


We are tracking a number of VPP issue currently. Please feel free to file a feedback form with a sysdiagnose to ensure we are covering your use case.
Yeah, I filled a feedback but it seems this forum is a much better way to get response from you. :)

We have new details: it happens only on USER payload scope (which works for previous macOS versions). For SYSTEM scope installing apps works fine.
So, the question is: is that intentional that InstallApplication command no longer works on USER payload scope in Big Sur or is it just a beta bug?
We are also having this issue.

Until Big Sur (11.0) we could assign applications purchased through VPP via our MDM (workspace one) to the device and they would install.

In testing the new OS in our environment we receive the error 509 whenever any VPP app is attempted to install

We do not have managed apple IDs for our users on the devices and we do not permit users to login to personal IDs on their workstations. We do not want that available.

Has there been a change in behaviour that requires a managed apple ID? And if so, why in the hell was it not advised in advance?
Same here, public release 11.0.1 installed, on MDM app update (all apps VPP) service responds with "ErrorCode": 509

Hope this will be fixed soon as the last post was 2 month ago?
Thanks for fighting the bugs!

Best, Markus
Hi there, I can confirm that I have also trouble on 11.0.1
Just updated to 11.1 and tried again - it's sad:

Code Block
"name": "Apple Configurator 2",
"bundle_identifier": "com.apple.configurator.ui",
"errors": [
"Device responded with status: Error"
"error_chain": [
"ErrorCode": 509,
"ErrorDomain": "ASDErrorDomain",
"LocalizedDescription": "There is no active account on this device"

This issue is also present in 11.2. Reported issue to Apple, no resolution as of 2/7.
Everything was fine until Big Sur 11.3 RC. The issue is back! What did you do Apple?!

I can confirm the problem as well. Currently no apps (VPP) can be installed on MacOS Big Sur.