Cannot test target Xcode 12

Hi, i'm trying to test my pod that has been working fine until I upgraded to Xcode 12. Now when I try to test a function in my Test projet, I get this message:

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Cannot test target “TestProject” on “iPhone 11 Pro”: TestProject does not support any of iPhone 11 Pro’s architectures: x86_64.

I have a FAT library that contains arm64 & x86_64 architectures.

In my test target Architecture Build Settings I have "$(ARCHS
_STANDARD)" variable.

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I'm also having this issue and I can't find any solutions yet. Have you found what's causing it?
No. It's happening to me since i've updated to Xcode 12.
I found a solution based on this SO post

The SO post goes into more detail about the why behind this, but what you should do is delete VALID_ARCHS from your project altogether, and make sure Architectures (ARCHS) is set to Standard Architectures (ARCHS_STANDARD).
Seven month old question with the answer on StackOverflow. And the problem still persists in Xcode 12.4. The Apple developer forums are pretty useless.