Lag And Fps Drop in Iphone 12 pro in Pubg

Im having lag and fps drop in pubg in iphone 12 pro...pleasee fix this
It seems that there is CPU scheduling issue with A14. The 2 performance cores would be shut down suddenly result in the frame drop. Almost all the games have some CPU workload would be impacted
I’m having the same problem as well, not just games but normal apps as well, twitter, instagram etc.
Same problem here with iPhone 12.
On iPhone 11 I had no problems and now, with the same games and app, I have these serious throttling and slow down problems.

The A14 should be more powerful and efficient, so this is a problem and I think a software problem, specifically iOS maybe.
I am having the same problem in my 12 pro while playing pubg “The Frequent Frame Drops Are Quite Noticeable”

Never Happened In My 11 Pro

Happens When I Launch 🚀 Something Or An App Or Anything , What Is The Point With All That Boasting And The Phone Performs Like Crap 💩?
i am also facing this issue in my new ipad air 4, sudden frame drops are happening too frequently in pubg mobile. i dont know if it's an issue of A14 bionic or game optimization.

I am facing the same problem but I personally think that the game is not well optimised as the device is new, I think in future with software updates this problem will be surely fixed.
Same issues, phone is absolute trash on mobile games like pubg mobile. frame drop, glitch, lag. My iphone 10s was 10x better.
I am having this issue with any game I play. At first I thought I had low power mode on but my iPhone 12 just can't seem to maintain 60fps when my old iPhone 8+ could. I hope they solve this soon
Same issue here. I called with Apple support and they don’t seem to know about this issue. I just got the iPhone 12 and I’m thinking about switching to Samsung because of this issue. Sad though, because I’ve been using iPhone since the iPhone 4.
I had the same problem, tried it with PUBGM 1.1 beta the lags and frame drop issue seems to be fixed.
I don't play PubG, but on my iPhone 12 I have frame drops on Asphalt 9 and watching 60 fps videos on Youtube as well. Sometimes hits 60 fps, sometimes clearly drop below (30 fps I guess). I'm not sure if this is an iOS problem or the apps in cause need to update for an optimized version.
I have just same frame dropping issue, but when I'm trying to capture it with screen recording it goes away. Can you confirm is it same way for you guys or is my experience different?
Same issue. Its seems to me that iPhone is heating up quick and this causing performance throttle. Very unpleasant experience and I hope this would be fixed with a software update.
Hi, I’ve Using iPhone 12 Pro But I’ve Some Performance Related Issues While I’m Playing Some Heavy Gameplays..I’m Noticing Sudden Frame Drops, Freeze Frames, Lag And Much More..I Currently Updated My iOS Version To 14.2 But The Issue Still Remain Same. I Also Tried To Reinstall The App But Nothing Solved.
Tell Me Is It A Software Relate Issue or I’ve Got A Faulty Device.
@Rajat_Pandey can you confirm that screen recording issue? Does the lag go away if you use screen recording?
@velenimi Yes I’ve tried Both
with and without screen sucks..
sudden frame drops..nothing fixes in 14.2 update..still facing issue in asphalt 9 And Pubg Mostly
Same problem here guys
Ipad pro 2017 before ios 14.1 the game was so smooth but now when i open scope or try to shot enemy i get hard frame drop like 30 or less...

I bought the iphone 12 last week,I face the same issue in pubg. The frame drop is insane and lagging issue as well
Same here. 14.2 made it a little better. My 8+ ran the game 10x smoother. Got the 12 thinking I would be able to up my settings abut and have a better experience but nope. Might be time to look at android.

even though the game played fine on my 8+ apple feels I need to contact the app developer. Between Verizon and apple ive spent probably 4 hours on the phone trying to fix this. Apple is not taking it seriously. They can’t even reply there is a problem. People are saying it’s a game issue in general and still nothing from apple.
PUBG is so big though you would think apple would try to work with them to get the issue fixed ASAP. But they aren’t even responding to us at all
PUBG is unplayable due to frame drops. My 8+ handles the game better.
Just got 12 pro last week, expecting to have much faster gameplay on injustice 2, but it's unplayable. Super laggy, can't fight at all. My old XR is 100 times smooth. You gotta fix this! This is a huge problem!!!
I have the same problem. Im from Spain and i have my Iphone 12 pro since the first day. This day i tried to play Clash Royale and it was really dissappointing. It suffered laggin, freezing... a disaster. I returned it to the store to try to fix it but today i follow with the same problem. I dunno what should I do.
Also i realized that if im going to record my screen the problem disappears. It happens since the last update.
Same here on Call of Duty, World of Tanks and Clash Royale. Basically on all games! This is horrible - bought the phone for better gaming experience since day 1 - please
Lag And Fps Drop in Iphone 12 pro in Pubg