Youtube Data API 5.2.2 Third-Party Sites/Services 5.2.3 Audio/Video Downloading

I have been developing an app that uses Youtube Content which I am fetching from Youtube Data API which is publicly provided by Youtube itself.

Basically, my app shows a list of Youtube Videos and playlist fetched from Youtube API in the user interface and the user can play video

The app I am developing is not enabling users to "save, convert, or download" any videos directly or indirectly

App Store Review Guidelines mentions two points

1 > 5.2.2 points states that "Authorization must be provided upon request"

2> 5.2.3 states that "Documentation must be provided upon request"

so my question is that is there any chance of my app may face app store rejection? if yes then what can I do in order to pass the app store review process?

if my app receives app store rejection then how can I get "Authorization" or "Documentation" from Youtube because as far as I read on Youtube API Documentation Youtube is not providing neither "Authorization" nor "Documentation". Youtube only lets you register your app on their console and gives you API key using which you can get data


How to solve it? We are facing this problem now