WebAuthn Authentication Experience on iOS

I'm interested in leveraging WebAuthn for an App that uses a web view for authentication. One of the open questions I'm grappling with is "what's the experience difference between WebAuthn on mobile vs. a native app experience?"

The biggest difference in usability that I'm able to see from a few demos is in the authentication experience (the registration experience seems pretty similar).

In the WebAuthn mobile experience, a user is prompted with "Do you want to sign in to 'XYZ@test.com' using a saved account?" with two options (one for a saved account and the second being "Account from Security Key"). I'd imagine this is different from mobile native experiences which immediately prompt Face/TouchID (less steps / friction).

Is there any way to prevent / suppress that screen? For example, if I update my request to not support security keys, would a user skip the "account / security key" prompt and default to Face/TouchID (assuming there was only one registered account)? Or would iOS still default to this prompt and a user would select his/her account?

Any updates on this?

I love webauthn and overall it's working quite well on iOS. But one of the biggest hurdles for adopting this is the additional step/friction in confirming the account.

If there is only one identified account, either because only one exists or excludeCredentials filtered out all but one, I would expect the user to simply get the Face/TouchID prompt immediately. Is this something we could expect to see in the future?

webauthn supports external keys such as USB and other devices, so it's never the case that there's only one option. However, I agree, I'd like the same experience of an immediate biometric prompt via webauthn.

WebAuthn Authentication Experience on iOS