Custom intent extension not supported on xcode Version 13.0 beta4?


I'm trying to integrate shortcuts into my app, I knew there are 2 ways to do that, 1. Via main app. 2. Use an intent extension. When I use method 1 after I add an intent definition file and create a custom intent then specify "Supported Intents" in main app target and write the logic code in appdelegate,

every thing works smoothly.

But When I turned to intent extension, after I create an intent extension, it seems extension target doesn't support to specify the intent.

Then I fill the configuration in intent extension manually, then build my app. I think the log should print like it did when I use main app method but it didn't.

So I wonder that s this means current beta4 sdk not support custom intent extension on MACOS or I missed something?



If you file a Technical Support Incident we can take a deeper look at your project to see what the issue may be.