StoreKit 2 Purchase doesn't load in App Review

Hi, I'm using StoreKit 2 for Consumable purchases since it is the new in-app purchase is still in review (2 days) and App Review getting rejected because it can't load this product. Everything works fine in TestFligt. I checked Agreement and it's fine.

It isn't loading because StoreKit 2 or App Review side? Because I don't know how to test it more than with TestFligt. Thanks 🙏

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Can you file through feedback assistant details about your app; what bundleId the app has, etc. Once that is filed share the id here and we can follow up with the team.

  • Did it now. Hope it will help 🙏🏻

  • I also filed a feedback: FB9641169

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I have exactly the same issue. Been in review back and forth since Tuesday, after the event, 1 week ago. Did you make it work at the end?

Update from my side: After a few more attempts to try to explain the situation on the messages to the App Store Review team, I didn't succeed, they kept pointing me out to read the documentation of the SDKs.

What I did at the end is release again, adding on the "Release Notes" and explanation that they might or might not see In-App Purchases, but that should not be considered a bug, as I'm relaying to StoreKit 2 to provide them.

Not sure if this was enough or if some engineer from the Frameworks Team intervened, but in any case I got the app approved (8 days and 10 submits later).

I hope it helps somebody else.

We are facing the same issue! Exact same code works for iOS but Catalyst app NOT getting any products. Already rejected twice... this is ridiculous. Is any Apple engineer looking into this?

I also encountered the same problem, can anyone help?