P: Your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed at this time.

I get my  D-U-N-S Number from Dun & Bradstreet for my Organization, but when i start Enrolling for developer account i get this message.

  • why ?


Why do you think it is related to your DUNS number ?

Did you receive a mail from D&B, such as:

We have confirmed your company information as follows. This information should be reflected in the Apple/D&B system. If you are not able to complete the registration with this information, please contact Apple by following the link: https://developer.apple.com/contact/phone

Hi DIGITRANSFORM-SARL, in looking at this I'm showing that the individual name associated to the Apple ID is your company name, and not your actual name. You will want to create an Apple ID using your legal first and last name and then attempt enrollment. If you still experience issues please Contact Us.