Force AutoFill Save Password dialog programmatically

I setup Password AutoFill in my iOS 14 app. The app uses multiple tabs. Associated Domains are also set up. All works as expected.

I have a Test button below the user/password TextFields, which the user can press to test just entered credentials. Now, the Save Password dialog shows only when I change to another tab.

Is there any possibility to programmatically force the Save Password dialog to appear on the same tab where the user/password TextFields are located? I would like to present it to the user right after the Test button is pressed and credentials are verified to be correct.


Is this not possible or doesn't anybody know? Shall I rephrase?

Is this not possible or doesn't anybody know?

I do not know the answer to your question )-: If no one else chimes in, I recommend that you open a DTS tech support incident and speak to DTS’s specialist in this space.

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