Update nor showing up in AppStore

Even after being 'Ready for sale' for 12 hours now, an app update is still not showing up in the AppStore for some reason... The AppStore delivers the previous version, although everything seems to be fine in iTunes Connect. The new version is 'Ready for sale' and I already tried to remove the app from sale and added it back again, but that does not make a change. All contracts are fine, all dates are set properly. It seems to me that the update somewhere hangs in the process of getting live...

Anybody else with the same trouble? Any idea how to kick the update to finally appear on the AppStore?


We are having the same issue. It has been over 24 hours while the new version is still not available on App Store.

It looks like a problem affecting all developers worldwide.

Will Apple fix the problem soon??

We plan to carry out campains with new version. Now it may be delayed and suffer from loss.....!!

Our update was Ready for Sale in iTC on early Saturday. It's still not showing up in Appstore through the whole weekend!

Please! Does Apple have any monitoring on app synchronization status? Will any guy resolve the sync failure after it's been failing for days?

Thank you!

Two days now 'Ready for sale' but the old version is still on the AppStore. Good to know that I am not the only one seeing that. Please, Apple. get taht fixed soon. The expedited review they gave me is senseless now that the app is still not live after 2 days... :/

I contacted Apple two times now, but I doubt they work on weedends. Their monitoring page at


does now list any problem, but: to be honest: I never saw that site showing any problem at all in the past. 😉 This is really a pain: they had trouble with adding new builds to iTunes connect last week, and now all new versions seem to hang in the middle of nowhere. iTunes connect lists customer reviews for the (un-released) version. I wonder how that can be... 😁

Problem still exists! 😠

Our update approved 3 days ago but still not updated at App Store. Is there anyone facing that issue ?

Yes, same here. Apple replied this:

"We are currently investigating the issue you reported with the app name "XXXXX". Please reply to this email if the issue persists beyond 3 p.m. GMT tomorrow."

Did you contact them? If others report the issue Apple might be faster with resolving the problem...

Having the same problem. My app update was "Ready for Sale" about 13 hours ago, but the App Store is still showing an old version.

UPDATE: I got this resolved in a few hours after contacting developer support.


My new app not showing up in AppStore even after being 'Ready for sale' for 36 hours now 😟

I have the same problem, i thought it was only me, the app was approved the same day but now have 24 hours in ready for sale, before only took a few hours, hope gets fixed soon

We're having the same issue. Released a new version of https://pdfviewer.io/ at around 8AM UTC and now 11PM UTC it's still now showing up.

Update: We've pinged the iTunesConnect team and they re-triggered propagation of our app - it worked this time. All resolved from our end

(it took 2 extra days in the end to get the app out, but since review was so fast it was acceptable.)

Am having the same issue. App's been "Ready for Sale" for 48 hours and yet the new version is still not showing up in App Store.

This is still a major issue -- we had our app build expedited for review which was approved for a critical bug fix BUT it is taking hours to propagate into the app store! Apple you really need to fix your processes. it cannot take over 4 hours to propagate a critical fix to an app into your store.

The Google Play store only takes a matter of minutes to push an update live into the Play store. Such a poor experience for developers that need to get a critical fix into the app store urgently.

One of our app updates seems to be having an issue today as well; it went to ready for sale status in itunesconnect 10 hours ago but doesn't seem to be available on the appstore yet. Seems like Apple go through occasional phases of this being a problem.

same issue here.. sadly no support in INDIA???

Hello everyone.

I am facing the same issue. I have just sent an email to Apple support.

My app is "ready for sale" since 23 hours ago.