How do I duplicate Terminal.App in Mac Os Ventura? Rosett2

In Mac OS Monterey and before, on my M1, I could duplicate Terminal.App in Applications/Utilities. After duplicating, I could check the box to allow running Rosetta2 in the duplicated application. Under OS Ventura, I see no such option.

Is there some other way of opening Terminal.App window with Rosetta2 option using a command?

It is too bad that the OS Ventura disabled duplicating Terminal.App and renaming it for Rosetta2 option. Because I use Homebrew, I need to maintain separate libraries and environments for arm64 and x86_64 architectures.

I found a post on Medium by Vineeth Bardhwaj P useful about switching terminal defaults architecture. I could not post a link to it due to the forum policy.

% env /usr/bin/arch -arm64 /bin/zsh --login
% arch

% env /usr/bin/arch -x86_64 /bin/zsh --login
% arch

Including these lines in my .zshrc made it easier as suggested in the cited post.

alias arm="env /usr/bin/arch -arm64 /bin/zsh --login"

alias intel="env /usr/bin/arch -x86_64 /bin/zsh --login" 

So, for now I can use this workaround.

I found it helpful to add something like this to alter the prompt with color when in intel mode:

if [ "i386" = $(arch) ]; then
  export PS1="%F{red}%m:%1d>"

Above sets the prompt to show the machine name and directory in red as a prompt when in intel model, and normal black from the prior:

export PS1="%m:%1d>" 

in my .zshrc file.

The difference is the %F{red} prepended to the normal prompt setting...

How do I duplicate Terminal.App in Mac Os Ventura? Rosett2