Apple Weather app vs Weather Pro from Luni - copycat ?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how is that possible that the app Weather Pro from Luni ( can be the exact same app than the Weather app from Apple ? It's the same design, with some added features.

Maybe Apple copied Luni, or the opposite, but according to 4.1 of Apple guidelines, I thought this would fall into copycat ?

Thank you for any possible explanation.


How else do you propose Weather Apps present the information? How else do you propose Wendys and Mac Donalds make their burgers? And for the records, the Apple Weather App doesn't use a tab bar controller. Something tells me you're an ex-disgruntled employee of Luni. How else would you have known to point out something like this? It looks pretty petty on your part.

I was hoping for a more reasonable answer, something constructive. Not unverified assumptions.

It appear that Apple Weather app does have a design patent for the search city menu. As this one was registered late 2021, I am trying to understand why Apple would fill such a design patent when they have an anti-copycat guideline. Aren’t apps design protected by copyright or trade dress ?

So, in the hope of a possible answer, I would ask it differently. Can someone release a weather app with the same design as the Apple Weather app ?

As a picture says much more, I add a screen of the 2 apps I mention in my first post. Try to guess which one is Apple one.

I’ll end by mentioning that there are plenty of weather apps in the App Store. All of them have different designs. So why one would simply copy the look and feel of another app ? Unless Apple and Luni have an agreement, I do not understand.