iOS 16.4 audio output issues (bluetooth and USB)

Hello, after updating to iOS 16.4 I have major issues when trying to play music through my 2015 BMW with both bluetooth and USB. I have used other phones with earlier iOS versions, and it works flawlessly so I know it's 16.4. I have tried restarting, updating the BMW software, and disconnecting/reconnecting, but no luck as it's certainly a 16.4 issue. The problems are as follows (for apple music, spotify, soundcloud, any audio streaming)

No album artwork No song title No album title No ability to change songs unless on phone When attempting to play a song, it will only play the first ~30 seconds or so before restarting to the first song in my library. This happens over, and over, and over again

16.4 has made being able to enjoy music in my car obsolete. I have tried submitting 2 tickets in the feedback app with no response, and when I try to contact Apple they just tell me to submit feedback and are unable to help. Hoping a dev or someone sees this and is able to fix it. Thank you.

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  • I have a 2020 Ford Mustang and Apple Music worked flawlessly unitl the 16.4.1 upgrade. Now I am unable to change songs directly from a playlist and the loop repeat playlist feature must be reset on every playlist change. I had the dealership check the vehicle and they are adamant it is an Apple problem. Please advise when we may expect a fix for this issue.

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I'm having the exact same problem with my 2014 Mini Cooper S (BMW iDrive). I hope this is sorted soon!

I can share similar problems on BMW from 2016. Before the update to 16.4 everything worked nice, and now I can for example scroll through a current playing album or playlist and select a specific song, but this one is not starting being played….

I'm having the exact same problem with my 2022 Audi SQ8.

Some issues with that iOS 16.4 here too. Audi A5 2017 Playing music via bluetooth audio, I can no longer select a song in my playlist using the car's middle rotary button. Can only switch next/previous using the click on the volume button. Even the steering wheel buttons do not work anymore... No problem navigating in the car menu. I mean, everything car related works just fine. Already hard rebooted both phone and multimedia system, reinstalled Apple Music... kinda annoying!!!

Hi all I had exactly the same problem in my BMW G31 2017 with iP 12 Pro, after updating to iOS 16.4 I turned off and turned on my iP and issue gone. Try doing that. Regards.

Similar issue here. 2014 Ford Fusion. Bluetooth has always worked flawlessly with my car. I updated to 16.4 on 4/4/23 and that same day my iPhone disconnected from Bluetooth in my car. I have rebooted the phone and car system, completely forgotten and re-setup the device again multiple times. For me, the iPhone (mine’s a 12 Pro Max) will connect and then almost instantaneously disconnect. I don’t even get 30 sec of music like the OP. Fix this Apple!

more or less the same problem here. 2014 BMW. After updating iOS to 16.4.1 on iPhone 11 Pro max, the bluetooth car audio stopped working. The phone calls work fine thou. Bluetooth connects ok. The calls work well, the contact list syncs as well. It's just the audio/media that doesn't work at all. On BMW iDrive Media, it says that no Bluetooth is connected, despeite of being connected and the Phone Menu shows the phone and I can make and receive call on the car system. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks

Same/similar issue here: Hyundai Tucson 2022, everything works fine until 16.4.1. iPhone 12 Pro connected by BT to the car (no Carplay used). In car media player I could see Artist, Album, Playlists, Songs from Apple Music, switching between them, select a specific song, etc. This did work until few days ago when I updated to 16.4.1, now it is not possible to select songs directly from the playlists, cannot switch between them etc.

2017 Honda Accord Sport | iPhone 12 Pro Max - same thing is happening to me since I updated to 16.4.1. The display shows no title and I’m unable to change songs using the display or the steering wheel. Removing the device and reconnecting doesn’t change the outcome. Looking down on my phone just to change the song while driving is a safety issue. Please fix this dev!

Same problem here updated iPhone 12 to 16.4.1 BMW 4 series 2015, wired USB worked fine before update, now disconnects every 10 seconds, audio is unusable MyBMW app also won’t connect due to the USB device disconnecting constantly reatarted iPhone and iDrive, no difference

Same issue. 2016 BMW 328d.

Same issue. 2014 BMW 535i. iOS 16.4 killed Bluetooth audio. Worked fine in the morning, upgraded to iOS 16.4.1, now BT plays for 30 sec or so and stops. The screen shows it playing, but no sound.

BT works on a basic USB dongle in an older car, but no longer in my daily driver.

Same issue as described by the Audi user, only with a Rivian R1T. Playlists display, forward/back pause/play work from the display and steering wheel controls. Selecting a specific song to play from the Rivian display makes the album art on the iPhone shrink like a command was sent but nothing happens and the current song continues to play. Not fixed in the 16.5 release candidate either. Started happening after the 16.4 update.

same issue at BMW i4 2023 also a problem using CarPlay (stuttering while playing music)

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