iOS 17 - default notification tone

iOS 17, the default notification tone is changed to - rebound instead of tri-tone. And now, it is too quite. Also, it can't be changed or replaced. Is it possible that it will be replaced/fixed ????

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  • I agree with being able to change it. For someone whos hard of hearing I would love to be able to change it.

  • I just downloaded the update to iOS 17.1, and was hoping against hope that the third party app notification sound would be changed back to tri-tone, or at least to a louder tone. But no. Does no one at Apple care that this stupid new tone is barely able to be heard? This is getting so effing annoying. Please, please, please fiix it! Now! Somebody there must have SOME brains and be able to fix this. You have had a gazzillion messages and requests to fix this...what is taking so long???

  • I agree with being able to change it. I have missed some important messages because I was unable to hear ringtone. Please fix it as soon as possible.


This issue is so annoying 😒

  • Since they materially changed the phone we purchased they need to buy back anyone's phone that can't use it now for the purpose they bought it. It would be theft if Ford changed out features of my vehicle while I slept.

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and the vibro is also changed - and it is not good

Yes, I noticed that iOS 17 has changed the default notification tone to – rebound sound instead of tri tone and it's way too quiet, apparently it can't be changed. I have a hearing problem and are having real problems hearing it what a disadvantage to people with bad hearing. Apple why change things that weren't broken need to be able to customize this sound.

This is a MUST FIX. The sound is hardly noticible and it's not possible to send a push notification with a different sound as IOS ignores the request and always plays the new sound.

Such a disappointment. I regret that I downloaded the new iOS. Hands up for Polish swipe but replacing tri tone with a barely audible ringtone is a downgrade.

  • Apple this is absolutely unacceptable. SMH. change it back or give the option to change.

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Exactly. The worst change in all iOS 17. They also changed the vibration so all apps have the same vibration. I used to recognize apps via the vibration and I knew what is important and what is not only by the vibration. So now I am looking for a way to downgrade because notifications are the BASICS of the phone and they changed it without a chance to customise it back yourself. No thanks.

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  • Consumer feature? You guys broke notifications, it's a development issue!

  • Is there anyway to change this really, really, really annoying Rebound sound. Every time I hear it I just want to throw my phone. Literally any other tone would do right now... I can't see where it's set

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This is really a change for worst. Apple should fix that a.s.a.p.

Yes the default volume for third party notifications is too low. Please give an option to raise the volume to ability to change the tone.

This issue is so annoying 😒

This is so sad. Hard of hearing and now have missed items all day :( Apple, let us change it or increase the volume!

Dear Apple, Please, in a future update of iOS 17, allow us to make changes to default notification tone !! You are way too savvy of a tech company not to correct this !!

Thank you.

Dear Apple, After os17 update the notification sound has changed, liked other people are also mentioning and it is becoming very annoying and not able change it make situation more worst. It unnecessarily make us think that what compromise we can face without our consent in the upcoming updates !!

Make is customizable to user hand.

Thank you

My idea of a workaround.

  1. download the Tritone sound files.

  2. incorporate into your application.

  3. Specify the name of the tritone sound source in UNNotificationSoundName.

But, this workaround may have copyright problems.

I hate this, but the way I fixed it was shortened a song on my MacBook and made sure i could see it in my Music. Then configure an automation on the iPhone (Shortcuts>Automation) that would set a tone when a certain person texted me - you can also do for specific works as well. I had it set to run automatically, and then tested it out.

I really don't like this change, and because i only had 1 different tone needed for a single person the automation worked. If it was for everyone/Everything - it would totally be a different experience.

It's not a great solution, but it at least works in the short term.

  • **This problem is quit annoying in deed.

    I really hate my own phone right now :(**

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