Charging Issues after Sonoma Upgrade

I have an M1 (2020 version) and an M2 (2022 version), I've updated the m2 (to Sonoma) first and the m1 the next day. It works just fine but charging was intermittent. The day after, both Macs stopped charging totally.

I've tried all possible solutions from the internet and Apple's support chat but nothing worked.

I've tried 4 chargers in total and my chargers would work on my brother's Macs which are still in Ventura. My chargers which would work on my Macs would work perfectly fine on my brother's Macs (Ventura).

I do not see any other threads/forums online of people having this issue so I wanted to check here if anybody else has the same issue as this?

P.S. I've sent both Macs to an authorized Apple service center for diagnostics but I'm wondering how this could happen since both Macs would work fine before I've upgraded. The issues started to appear only after the upgrade.

I am facing the same issue in my M1 MacBook Pro after installing the Sonoma. However, it charged perfectly with USB C ports. Moreover, I restarted the laptop plugging the charging cable and it charged until I logged in. After login, the charger cable showed green and red lights consecutively on an interval of 10 seconds but charging was stopped.

Same behavior on both of my Macs (Air and Pro), they would indicate to be charging but then disconnect from charging in few seconds interval until the m1-Air just died and couldn't charge it anymore. M2 also stopped charging so I sent them both to the service center.

Has your charging issue been resolved though?

Same issue here. I can more or less work around this by leaving my M1 MBP closed/sleeping for a while, and then it will charge OK. It seems to be triggered in my case by accidentally dislodging the MagSafe connector a couple of times in a row. Definitely didn't happen pre-Sonoma.

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I'm facing the same issue my M2 Macbook Air 2022.I charged my Macbook.And then charging started and after maybe 3-5 seconds, charging stopped. and then started again and stopped again.This case occur again and again.However,I can charge well when I restart my Macbook and don't login.When I logged in this case occur again. Please let's me know, when you all guys find the solution.

Yes, I am having the same issue after upgrade to Sonoma. The charging ON and OFF automatically. I'm using using New Mac book Air M2, 2023.

Having same issue with m1 pro macbook & m1 max studio :(

I have a quite similar issue on Sonoma, however it only seems to affect charging via USB-C Hub.

It started recently and I don't quite understand what is going on as this has been working well for over a year. Maybe the Laptop is already getting old? (M1 Air)

So it usually charges fine but sometimes it just stops charging all together and the battery percentage starts depleting. Unplugging the USB hub and reconnecting it tends to show the message that it's on a "power adapter but not charging" or something similar. I have got it working almost every time by restarting the computer and switching the low power mode ON and OFF. It takes like half a minute and then it starts charging again.

I was thinking that perhaps it had something to do with overheating protection since I run quite heavy AI workloads on the machine and it gets quite warm. But I don't think that's really the case, because if I plug in the charger straight into the MacBook instead of via the USB hub, then it will charge normally. If it was an overheat protection then I don't think it would make any difference how I tried to charge the machine.

It could be that something has happened to the USB hub and that it's not faulty. But then it's strange that I can temporarily fix the issue by rebooting the Mac and mess with the power settings.

And given that these issues started recently after upgrading to Sonoma it makes you wonder...

My battery health is reported as normal sitting at 89%

I am currently thinking about how to move away from the USB hub. I want to be able to connect a USB-C SSD, an external display and still be able to charge the laptop.

I had now issue that my usb port on my mac, is not working, then it will work suddenly but it wont work again. i have try hardware check it says no problem with the hardware. i hope this will be resolved.

This happened to me too - I was just about to head to the Genius Bar to get it serviced but decided to let the battery completely die - about an hour or two after it died I tried turning it back on (it was still plugged in) and I noticed it had begun charging again. I'm guessing letting the battery completely die reset the SMC.

Any new users experiencing this may want to try resetting the SMC yourself (search online how to do so) if you still have battery, otherwise just let it die and check back after a few hours. Stupid issue but at least I didn't have to drive to the Apple Store.

I have the same issue after upgrading to Sonoma. I plug in the power cable, but it's not charging. Please fix the bug!

this is not a fault or a bug this is apple trying to create an illegal monopoly on chargers for laptops basically in the someone update apple have put a setting to stop your computer charging unless it is connected to an official made by apple charger which costs 3 times the price of a third party charger and is built to break within 2 years. So essentially you will have to keep replacing your charger every 2 years or less at apples over inflated charger prices, even if you divert back to the old operating system it will still not charge on anything apart from a made by apple charger its basically looking to eliminate all competition and create a monopoly win the market which while illegal I am sure their team of lawyers are experts at helping apple circumnavigate laws to fuel the greed of those in charge.

Mac 14,9. Apple M2 Pro 2023. After update 14.1.1. Battery drain 1%. And not charging. Doesn't charge anything...

Similar issue.

My M1 2021 model stops working charging optimally with my 140w charger as soon as the battery drops below 80%. I believe that it has something to do with the optimal charging protocols; Lightning charge before 80%, and standard speed charge after 80%.

In other words, if my battery remains above 80% charge, it's permanently fine.

What's strange, is that my wife's 85w charger works fine at any battery percentage.

So we've swapped.

But I really pray that apple fix this bug soon.

Same here.

I am very sure it is the Sonoma software, since upgrading, the same wire and charger is intermittent. Apple please own up the problem and solve it. it is really very annoying.

One solution which seems to work is unplug the USB cable both ends, swap over and replug, seems to solve it temporoiary

Same here.

I used to keep my M1 Macbook Air charged via its connection to my LG monitor. After updating to sonoma 14.2 it connects to the monitor but it doesn't charge anymore (although it charges if connected to its charger).

Hello Guys,

I am also facing a same issue here which my mac was 2020 MBP with Intel processor. My mac has no charging at all as soon as update to Mac Sonoma. I've tried all the ways you guy said and nothing at all yet. Now mine was dead but had time to do backup.

is there anything update alongside with the update?

Same issue for me. It will randomly charge fine after being plugged in while dead for long periods of time but this is the only solution I have found. Has anyone found a more permanent solution? Or simply waiting for a bug fix in future OS.

Same problems here. Ever since installing Sonoma, I have to unplug and replug my USB-C hub to start charging through it. It's a little bit annoying, I have to say.

same here, now my mac have only 15% batter, can not charge

I have experienced this on 3 Macbooks since the Sonoma update. First, with my 2021 14" MacBook Pro M1. Within days of the update, the Magsafe charger (which had worked without issue since purchase) started flashing red. I spent 2 months making repeat trips to the "local" (3-hr drive roundtrip) Apple store to diagnose and repair. They sent me home repeatedly with new cables only to have the problem repeat itself within 2-3 days. The charging block worked just fine in-store and at home with USB-C cables, but the Magsafe cable seems to burn out with limited use, even when fresh out of the box from the Apple store. Their team went so far as to replace the MagSafe board in the unit itself, to try and remedy. But meanwhile I bought a brand new 2023 14" Macbook Pro M3 to try and just replace and eliminate the problem. The same thing happened yet again, 3rd Macbook. Simultaneously, my office shipped me a 16" 2022 Macbook Pro. Once updated, same thing. The USB-C cable works in all 3 (as do the original, in-box power blocks). But MagSafe is useless. The manager of the local Genius Bar told me to return my new M3 unit while I can if they do not release a firmware update within the return window. So far, I see no indication that Apple is working to resolve this issue. Be warned.

Same issues here since sonoma my macbook is acting wired , it’s plug for more than few hours , sometime it charge but when battery is drain low it sometime doesn’t charge…. never happen before sonoma @apple team please solve this issue i don’t want my macbook to be spoil because of an upgrade OS.

Old MPB 2019, battery drains even if attached to power with an official Apple charger. After 1 hour the MBP simply shuts down and I've to wait half an hour before it restarts again. Simply unusable after the update.

Charging Issues after Sonoma Upgrade