Can not get access to Camera

I just been working on an Augmented Reality (AR) application using Unity. I am facing a critical issue with camera access when my app is published on the App Store, and I'm reaching out to seek your guidance and assistance in resolving this matter. Here's a brief overview of the problem:

  • During development and testing in Unity, the camera functionality in my AR app works as expected. I can access and utilize the device's camera for AR features without any issues.
  • However, when I publish the app to the App Store and users download it, they are unable to access the device's camera within the app. This is a significant problem as camera access is fundamental to the app's functionality and user experience.

I have taken several steps to ensure that I have correctly configured camera access permissions both in Unity's Player Settings and within Xcode:

  • In Unity's Player Settings, I have provided a "Camera usage Description" to explain why the app needs camera access.
  • In Xcode, I have also included the necessary privacy descriptions for camera access in the Info.plist file.

Despite these efforts, the issue still persists. Users cannot access the camera when they download the app from the App Store. I have reviewed Apple's documentation and guidelines regarding camera access permissions, and I believe I have followed them correctly.

I am eager to resolve this issue promptly to ensure that my AR app provides a seamless experience for users. If there are any specific steps or configurations that I might have missed or if there are any additional requirements or changes I need to make in order to enable camera access for my app on the App Store, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. If there is any additional information or logs you require from my end to assist in diagnosing and resolving this issue, please do let me know, and I will provide them promptly.


In Xcode, I have also included the necessary privacy descriptions for camera access in the Info.plist file.

The only configuration-level requirement for an iOS app to be able to access the camera is to have the Camera Usage Description key. It sounds like you already have that, so I don't think this is a configuration-level issue. Instead, it sounds like a code-level issue, but as you aren't using our frameworks directly, all I can suggest is that you reach out to Unity for support.