How to install iOS10.3 Simulator

I have downloaded Xcode 8.3. I am on MacOS: macOS Sierra 10.12.3.

How to install iOS 10.3 simulator? In Xcode, I only see upto 10.2.

Xcode -> Preferences -> Components is only showing Simulators up 10.2.

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I have rebooted my Mac after upgradng Xcode to 8.3, but I do not find iOS 10.3.

Did you get your problem solved? I've just updated to sierra10.12.4+xcode 8.3.1 and I cannot start any simulator nor find 10.3 simulator on my components list.

In Xcode....using the 'active scheme' drop-down run menu where you select which device or sim to run, do you see any sims that show 10.3?

I do, but in Prefs/Components, I don't.

Perhaps 10.3 is an assumed supported/not dev-installable sim, included/installed by default, and the Prefs/Components list is meant to _only_ reflect add-on/lower/installable iOS version sims?

It would be just like Apple to yet again change Xcode's UI just for fun and not tell devs, leaving them to suss the difference on their own.