how to install xcode on ipad pro


I have a question. Is it possible to install xcode on ipad pro?

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You can't install Xcode. The nearest you can get is to install Swift Playgrounds, which will allow you to write fairly sophisticated code, though you're limited to running from the environment you develop in. (In effect, you're always running a debug version.) Still, this might be a viable way to write parts of your code, which you subsequently integrate into an Xcode project on a Mac.

there is a real need for it

If you haven't already, take a look at Swift Playgrounds

Otherwise, feel free to file a feature request via Report Bugs, adding your report # to your thread for reference. Good luck.

Be sure to file a feature request via Report Bugs, adding your report # to your comment for reference. Good luck.

Xcode isn’t avaiable for iPads, however, if you’re on Catalina or higher, you can use Sidecar. I haven’t tested it out but I think you can use Sidecar
What about the rumors of XCode coming on iPadOS 14? If it actually comes, it would be so helpful for all developers with iPads out there.
Well, iPadOS 15 was Released, and I didn't see anything. Wait for iPadOS 15 I guess?
Download Xcode yah you could download Xcode on iPads go to the developer apple and go to downloads and click Xcode and download and after the download you should go to this site called you should scroll down and then you will see upload then you click on it then they will show you this buttons called browse,photo library and take photo or video you should click on browse the enter Xcode then you will find the file then you should click on the download file then the file will be uploading after the file has uploaded the will show your app is ready and a link just hold press on the link an then you will find open press open then you will go to the link and you will se click here to install button click it then the Xcode will be installing on your device you no need human verification it’s free
I’m amazed how this isn’t an iPad app on the apple store since they are advertised as laptop replacements. This is long overdue.
Here I found this on the AppStore on a iPad Air 3rd generation

the link:
Note that if you use Sidecar and try to view videos (e.g., copy-protected content), Safari will black out your video. Which is annoying, because it’s just me, no one else.

One workaround is to use, say, Chrome to display the video content. That works fine.

Hola, puedes sentirte muy confortable utilizar lapp broo un pequeño keyboard un pequeño mouse 😁✌️!