I want to know if all emoji (even those not available/embed natively in the keyboard of the device) -decoded from a feed from exemple- can be render properly in a UILabel without specific code ?

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AFAIK, emoji must be present in the system, otherwise it will be displayed as question mark.

And if in the system, it should normally show up in keyboard.

Here is the full list of emoji (unicode standard) :

h ttp://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html

You can see those missing in most recent IOS

Apple has 2 specific emoji: Apple logo and Beats logo

Thank you Claude31 !🙂

Hi there I don't know how to create a new chat, so I'll jut answer yours and pray for some attention from apple about this issue. I'm sorry to bothered you once again, but I'm vegan and an activist. Animal's rights are one of my concerns too. Due to this, I couldn't avoid being a little bit irritated when I wrote chicken and a emoji like this one appeared when you have this one . You might think this is irrelevant, and kinda is for some people, but it made me really sad to know that for Apple a chicken is the same as food. For some people this might be accurate, but Apple is international and should respect everyone, vegans, non- vegans and animals included. Just because some of us treat animals with cruelty, that doesn't mean all of us do the same. It's kinda offensive for vegans so it would be amazing if you just changed the emoji that shows up when you write chicken from this to this . Thank you P.S.: to all the non-vegans, I'm not trying to offend you or criticize your diet, that's not the point. I'm talking about emojis, not your daily habits.

The Unicode consortium sets the standards, not Apple. If you look at the link in one of the replies above you'll see that everyone's Unicode implementation is pretty similar,

U+1F414 is a chicken head. I don't see how it's offensive to anyone. If you're referring to U+1F357, it's a generic cooked chicken leg. If it offends you, don't use it and use the chicken head. There are thousands upon thousands of Unicode characters and if we start removing anything that offends anyone, we'll just be left with a bunch of letters and numbers (and kittens - I mean, everyone loves kittens, right?).

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For some reason, your emoji do not show. So it is difficult to see your point.

I've looked at the lists of emoji, searching for chicken and could only find living stock, not food images.


Hello, Is there any way the the car enthusiasts in the world can we get a turbocharger emoticon on our keyboard? Thank You Zachery Antoine