Force Touch

There’s a whole new way to experience a trackpad. The Force Touch trackpad in the new MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina display has built-in force sensors for a new level of interactivity and control within your apps. Find out about the Force Touch APIs in macOS.

Force Touch APIs

Force click

Apps can have any button, control, or region on the screen respond to a press of stronger pressure. A Force click can provide a shortcut to additional functionality within the app.

Pressure sensitivity

Drawing and other creative apps can take advantage of the pressure-sensing capabilities of the trackpad to make lines thicker or give a brush a changing style.


Pressure sensitivity in the trackpad enables apps to give users greater control. For instance, fast-forward in media playback can speed up as pressure increases.

Drag and drop

Let users react to a Force click gesture while in the middle of performing a drag, for instance, to immediately open a new target for the drop.

Development Resources

Download the latest release of Xcode, which includes macOS SDK, and use the development resources below to learn more about creating apps that support the Force Touch trackpad.

Reference Documentation

Get the details on how to build apps that support the Force Touch trackpad using the AppKit framework.

Xcode and macOS

Xcode includes the macOS SDK which gives you access to APIs for building apps that support the Force Touch trackpad.