Submitting a Capability Request for Apps Using MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a powerful and wide-reaching technology that grants a broad range of access to and control over users’ devices. While these capabilities are necessary to effectively manage a large number of devices, and in limited cases for parental control services, they also have the potential to create user privacy and security issues if not used properly.

In June, we announced that apps seeking to include MDM technology must first submit an MDM capability request. This process will evaluate how the app will use MDM in order to prevent abuse and ensure that no data is shared with third parties. The MDM capability will be re-evaluated on an annual basis, and you will need to submit a new request each year. We have worked with developers of parental control apps who have successfully completed this process and are now providing safer apps for kids and their families.

This new guideline was effective for all apps on June 3, 2019. If you already have an app on the App Store that uses MDM capabilities but does not follow the new guideline, submit an MDM capability request as soon as possible.

View the Mobile Device Management guideline