WWDC21 Daily Digest: Day 2

A memoji staring in amazement at a MacBook Pro.

Welcome to your WWDC21 Daily Digest. Now that our Keynote and Platform State of the Union have concluded, it’s time to get down to work. Our first sessions have arrived, with labs, coding challenges, and the Digital Lounges also starting today.

With so much to do, it's hard to know where to start, so we’ve put together an overview of everything you need to have a great second day at WWDC. Our first tip: Make sure you don’t miss a thing this week by signing up for WWDC notifications in the Developer app — available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Cool down with Fitness+

Join our Fitness+ team every day at 4 p.m. PDT for a Mindful Cooldown for Coding, right on your device or Apple TV.

Rewatch the Keynote and State of the Union

Did you miss out on Day 1? Catch up on all the announcements in under three minutes with our daily recap, or rewatch the Keynote and Platform State of the Union in full.

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Keynote (ASL)

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Platforms State of the Union

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Platforms State of the Union (ASL)

Explore pavilions, labs, and lounges

The WWDC tab of the Developer app has everything you need to have a great online conference experience this year. Let’s take a brief tour.

Pop into a pavilion: With more than 200 sessions, labs, and activities, pavilions can help you find the most relevant content on the topics that matter most to you. Each pavilion contains a daily schedule with relevant sessions and labs, featured content and challenges, links to the Digital Lounges, and more.

You can find our pavilions in the WWDC tab of the Developer app, listed below your personalized schedule. Explore the latest sessions and labs for Augmented Reality, seek out the latest in SwiftUI, or check out the demos and documentation from Developer Tools.

Lab life: Our Apple engineers and designers are here all week to help provide guidance and conversation around the latest frameworks, APIs, and best practices. Members of the Apple Developer Program, Apple Developer Enterprise Program, or 2021 Swift Student Challenge Winners can request a lab appointment. There are dozens of available labs every day — if you’re eligible to request an appointment, sign up now!

Hang out in a Digital Lounge: For more of a group experience, you can join the Digital Lounges and connect with Apple engineers and designers around select topics. We’re offering a small number of lounges this year, hosted by Developer Tools as well as engineers and designers from our SwiftUI, Accessibility, and Machine Learning teams.

Register for the Digital Lounges

Visit the Accessibility Digital Lounge (Requires registration)

Visit the Developer Tools Digital Lounge (Requires registration)

Visit the Machine Learning Digital Lounge (Requires registration)

Visit the SwiftUI Digital Lounge (Requires registration)

Sessions, sessions, everywhere

We’ve got more than 60 sessions arriving on Day 2 that feature Xcode Cloud, SharePlay, inclusive design, spatial audio, ShazamKit, and more. Here are some of our must-watch videos of the day:

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What‘s new in Swift

  • WWDC21

Meet async/await in Swift

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Meet TestFlight on Mac

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Meet Xcode Cloud

  • WWDC21

Meet DocC documentation in Xcode

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Apple’s privacy pillars in focus

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The process of inclusive design

  • WWDC21

The practice of inclusive design

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Immerse your app in spatial audio

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Create 3D models with Object Capture

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Use the camera for keyboard input in your app

Challenge, accepted

Discover fun, interactive ways to learn about the latest technologies and frameworks with our coding and design challenges. No matter your level of expertise, challenge yourself to explore something new this WWDC — and share your creations with others through the Developer Forums, select Digital Lounges, and social media. Check out some of our favorite challenges for Day 2:

Challenge: Speech Synthesizer Simulator

Challenge: Achievement Unlocked – Fabulous Fails

Challenge: Create your first 3D model with Object Capture

Challenge: Animated artistry in SwiftUI

Challenge: Build an app using built-in Sound Classification

Drop the (virtual) needle

What’s WWDC without a little mood music? Our official WWDC playlists are ready for your ears: Check out official and lovingly-curated mixes Power Up, Focus, Chill, and Energy.

The music of WWDC21

Up, up, and away

We think this is coolest job we’ve heard about in a long, long time: Our guest speaker today is the incredible Tiera Fletcher, who at age 22 landed her dream job as an aerospace engineer on NASA’s Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket created in the history of the universe. (Well, that we know of, anyway.) Learn what it’s like to design components for a rocket that’s 322 feet tall, produces 8.8 million pounds of thrust, and is currently slated to ferry humans to the moon, Mars, and (picture this in a dramatic echoey voice) beyond.

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Out of this world... on to Mars

And that’s it! See you tomorrow for (much) more.