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Explore how to make your games shine on Apple's platforms using the latest updates to Game Center, including recurring leaderboards and the all-new Game Center in-game dashboard. And we'll show you how you can capture and share the moment with ReplayKit.

Learn how you can integrate keyboard controls for your iPad games, and find out how to enable rumble feedback in third-party game controllers. Wrap it all up by understanding of how to handle the most performance-intensive apps and games.

  • WWDC20

Design for Game Center

Get your game's interface ready for Game Center. We’ll show you how to deliver personalized touches to the GameKit interface that provide a rich experience for players, with features like achievements, leaderboards, and multiplayer gaming. Learn how to customize your game’s access point, design...

  • WWDC20

Tap into Game Center: Dashboard, Access Point, and Profile

Apple’s social gaming network is ready to play. We’ll walk you through the latest updates to Game Center, starting with its in-game interface and all-new player experience. Learn how to integrate GameKit into your app and authenticate players effectively, and discover the Access Point, which...

  • WWDC20

Tap into Game Center: Leaderboards, Achievements, and Multiplayer

Level up your Game Center integration and enable players to compare scores on leaderboards, earn valuable achievements, and engage with other players. Organize special events like weekly championships, daily showdowns, or 1-hour competitions using recurring leaderboards. Create up to 100 unique...

  • WWDC20

Advancements in Game Controllers

Let’s rumble! Discover how you can bring third-party game controllers and custom haptics into your games on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. We’ll show you how to add support for the latest controllers — including Xbox’s Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Adaptive Controller — and map...

  • WWDC20

Bring keyboard and mouse gaming to iPad

Level up your iPad games and add in keyboard, mouse, and trackpad controls. Discover how to use the Game Controller framework to augment your existing titles, bring over games from other platforms, or dream up entirely new interaction experiences. Learn how to integrate keyboard and “delta”...

  • WWDC20

Support performance-intensive apps and games

iOS and iPadOS provide powerful capabilities to help developers deliver breakthrough apps and games across all device generations. In certain instances, however, demanding apps with exceptional performance requirements may only be able to provide the best experience on devices with an A12 Bionic...

  • WWDC20

Capture and stream apps on the Mac with ReplayKit

Learn how you can integrate ReplayKit into your Mac apps and games to easily share screen recordings or broadcast live audio and visuals online. We’ll show you how to capture screen content, audio, and microphone input inside your Mac apps, and even broadcast your video to a live audience. For...


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