Offering account deletion in your app

Starting June 30, 2022, apps submitted to the App Store that support account creation must also let users initiate deletion of their account within the app. Deleting an account removes the account from the developer’s records, along with any data associated with the account that the developer isn’t legally required to maintain. Providing this capability gives people more control of the personal data they’ve shared. If you’re updating an app or submitting a new app with account creation, please read the guidance below to prevent delays in review.

Account deletion guidance

Account deletion is a significant decision for the user, and the process for initiating and confirming deletion should be straightforward and transparent:

  • Make the account deletion option easy to find in your app. Typically, it’s included in the app’s account settings.
  • Offer to delete the entire account record, along with associated personal data. You may include additional options, but only offering to temporarily deactivate or disable an account is insufficient.
  • If people need to visit a website to finish deleting their account, include a link directly to the page on your website where they can complete the process.
  • Keep users informed. If the deletion request will take additional time to complete, let them know. If your app supports in-app purchases, help people understand how billing and cancellations will be handled. For additional guidance, read the Human Interface Guidelines.

Note: Follow applicable legal requirements for storing and retaining user account information and for handling account deletion. This includes complying with local laws where your apps are available. If you have questions regarding your legal obligations, check with your legal counsel.

Frequently asked questions

Can I direct users to a customer service flow to complete account deletion?

It depends. Apps in highly regulated industries, as described in App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1(ix), may use additional customer service flows to confirm and facilitate the account deletion process. Apps not operating in highly regulated industries should not require people to make a phone call, send an email, or go through other support flows.

Can I require reauthentication or add confirmation steps to ensure that the account isn’t deleted by accident or by someone other than the account holder?

Yes. It is appropriate to ensure that the deletion is intentional and desired by the user. You may add steps to verify the identity of the person making the request, and to confirm that they want to delete the account (such as by entering a code from an email or phone number already associated with the account). However, apps that make it unnecessarily difficult for a user to delete their account will not pass review.

My app uses Sign in with Apple to provide account creation and authentication to users. What changes are necessary to support users who delete their accounts?

Apps that support Sign in with Apple should use the Sign in with Apple REST API to revoke user tokens. To learn more, review the documentation and design recommendations.

If my app links out to the default web browser for account creation, does it still need to offer account deletion within the app?

Yes. Additionally, note that linking out to the default web browser to sign in or register an account provides a poor user experience and is not appropriate, per App Store Review Guideline 4.

My app automatically creates an account for the user. Do I need to include an option to initiate account deletion?

Yes. Users should have the option to delete automatically generated accounts (sometimes called “guest” accounts) and the data associated with those accounts. Ensure any automatic account creation in your app complies with local laws where your app is available.

I manually delete user accounts and this takes time. Does account deletion need to be immediate and automatic?

No. If your process for account deletion is manual or otherwise takes time to complete, this is acceptable. Inform the user how long it will take to delete the account and provide a confirmation when the deletion has been completed. Ensure the time taken to delete accounts complies with local laws where your app is available.

Does the content provided by a user need to be deleted in apps that display and share user-generated content?

Yes. People expect that all data associated with their account will be deleted when the account is deleted. This includes user-generated content that’s shared with others, such as photos, video, text posts, and reviews. If local laws or regulations require that you maintain some data, let your users know.

I currently allow account deletion in compliance with CCPA, GDPR, or other local laws in some of the locations where my app is available. Is this sufficient?

No. All users should be allowed to delete their accounts, regardless of where they’re located. The existing account deletion flows you’ve created to comply with local legal requirements may be made available to all users, as long as they meet the requirements of App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1(v).

How do I handle users with auto-renewable subscriptions? I don’t want to accidentally charge someone after they’ve deleted their account.

If the user has auto-renewable subscriptions, notify them that their billing will continue through Apple and request that they cancel their subscription before continuing. If you’re using App Store Server Notifications for auto-renewable subscriptions, you can verify the status of the user’s subscription in real time, or use the Subscription Status API to identify subscription status.

Use showManageSubscription in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, or later, or provide the following link to let users manage their subscriptions: For tvOS, provide onscreen instructions to change or cancel a subscription, as described in the Apple TV User Guide.

In addition, you can use beginRefundRequest in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, or later, or provide the following Apple Support link to allow customers to submit refund requests:

You can also provide an option to schedule account deletion at a later time to align with the subscription’s expiration date, as long as there is also an option to delete the account immediately.