What’s new in tvOS 16

With cross-device connectivity, you can integrate your tvOS app with your iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS app to unlock new experiences on Apple TV. Multiuser support makes it easier for people to enjoy your tvOS app with improved system integration for user profiles. With credentials stored in a shared keychain, users won’t need to sign in and choose their profile every time they launch your app. Create custom button styles and effects that accent your design, take advantage of standard gestures, such as Tap and Touch, and add consistency to interactions with the Focus APIs. And customize your app’s interface and provide even more functionality with SwiftUI.


With the tvOS SDK, you can levarage frameworks, such as TVUIKit, UIKit, AVKit, and Metal to create rich games and apps that look amazing on the big screen. TVMLKit templates using XML and JavaScript let you use predefined layouts and JavaScript APIs to quickly create beautiful apps ideal for streaming media. And you can use SwiftUI to customize your app interfaces and provide even more functionality.

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Beta test your tvOS apps

Invite people to test your apps and games on Apple TV to get valuable feedback before publishing on the App Store.

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The App Store for Apple TV is available to customers around the world. Submit your tvOS apps and games.

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What’s new for Apple platforms

Get details on all the new and updated technologies that power your apps on Apple platforms. Find out what’s new in augmented reality, machine learning, SwiftUI, in-app purchase, and more.

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