App Analytics

Measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS and tvOS apps with App Analytics on iTunes Connect. App Analytics has data you won’t find anywhere else. It’s included with Apple Developer Program membership and requires no technical implementation.

App Store Sources

With App Analytics, you can see how many users discover your app while searching or browsing the App Store — including tapping on Search Ads for your app — to gain insight into how your marketing and metadata impact downloads.

Web Referrer

Blogs, websites, and other online sources that link to your app’s product page, are critical in driving user acquisition through word-of-mouth marketing and PR. With App Analytics, you can see which organic marketing channels drive the highest traffic, downloads, usage, and revenue for your app.

App Store Impressions

See how many times your app’s icon has been viewed on the App Store, including in search results, Featured, Top Charts, and your App Store product page. With App Store Impressions, you can calculate how often users click through to download your app from seeing it anywhere on the App Store.

User Engagement

App Analytics provides user engagement metrics, including number of sessions, active devices, and retention. With these metrics, you can evaluate the impact of product changes — such as modifying the initial onboarding experience — to see which changes improve engagement with your app.

Apple TV Data

Measure user engagement and monetization for your tvOS apps. In addition to seeing data on product page views, downloads, and engagement, you can see how many iOS users acquired with your marketing campaigns opened the same app on Apple TV. * You can also promote your tvOS app in another tvOS app and track the results using campaign links.

App Referrers

App Analytics counts users who visit your app’s product page from a link within another app. Optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on the apps that drive the most App Store impressions, downloads, and billings.

Marketing Campaigns

App Analytics lets you measure your marketing efforts so you can focus on the campaigns that are most effective. Create unique links for each marketing campaign to gain insight into which campaigns drive the most downloads and average spend per user. You can also track campaigns with the StoreKit API.

App Store Product Page

A great product page captures your audience’s attention, communicates the value of your app, and convinces users to download it. Now you can calculate how effective your product page is by tying the number of downloads to the number of product page views.

Paying Users

App Analytics counts users based on Apple ID instead of device type, giving you a more precise look at paying user data. See how many paying users you have in a day to assess whether any changes you make impact spending within your app. You can also filter by source to see if users are coming from a particular campaign or website.


Find out how many times your app crashes each day. You can filter crash data by platform, app version, and operating system version to pinpoint the cause, helping you create a better experience for users.

Segment by Download Date

Only Apple can provide the date that an Apple ID first downloaded an app from the App Store. You can filter groups of users based on their purchase date to form a more complete picture as you compare and analyze user behavior.