Automate your workflow with the App Store Connect API.

Customize and automate your workflows so you can focus on creating great apps. This standards-based REST API lets you automate tasks across developer tools, such as App Store Connect, Xcode, and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, to give you greater flexibility and increased efficiency in your workflows. Use it for development, beta testing, managing app metadata, reporting, and more.

App Management

Create new versions of your app, set up pre-orders, manage phased releases for version updates, submit your app for review, and release approved apps to the App Store.

App Metadata

Build and maintain your App Store product page by uploading and managing assets, such as your app description, screenshots, and app previews.

Pricing and Availability

Set your app’s pricing and territory availability. Access reference information, such as a list of available App Store territories, app price tiers, and proceeds for currencies that the App Store supports.


Streamline app development by managing bundle IDs, signing certificates, development devices, and provisioning profiles.


Manage beta testing by automating tester management and build distribution. You can add and remove testers, manage internal and external tester groups, assign builds to testers, submit builds for beta app review, and more.

Users and Roles

Integrate your Apple Developer Program team membership with your organization’s internal directory to automate tasks associated with team management. For example, you can automatically revoke access to App Store Connect when a user leaves your organization.

Xcode Cloud

Create and update workflows, start builds, and read Xcode Cloud data to create dashboards or reports that track your continuous integration build status and metrics.

To learn more, see Xcode Cloud Workflows and Builds

Power and Performance

Download power and performance metrics and diagnostics logs to monitor app performance indicators, such as launch time, hang rate, disk writes, memory use, and battery life. This information is also available in Xcode.

To learn more about this data, see Improving Your App’s Performance.


Sales and Trends

Download reports to view the number of first-time downloads, sales, proceeds, pre-orders, subscriptions activity, and more for your apps on all Apple platforms.

To learn more about Sales and Trends, see App Store Connect Help.

Payments and Financial Reports

Download monthly reports about your earnings by product, territory, currency, price, and more. You can see how much was paid each month and any adjustments or withholding taxes that have been applied.

To learn more about Payments and Financial Reports, see App Store Connect Help.

Request Access

To request access, visit the Keys tab in the Users and Access section of App Store Connect. Please note that you must be the Account Holder of your Apple Developer Program membership.

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