Titles: Debugging.

Now, Will Johansson, Software Engineer at Lyft, sits in front of a gray background.

He wears a black shirt and gray slacks.

Will signs.

Will: Now while you are developing an app, a problem may arise where something will not work. This is called a bug. A bug is a mistake in your code. I enjoy debugging, because it’s a lot like solving a puzzle. In order to debug, you’ll need to understand the problem and analyze why it is happening. You may already have an idea of how to fix it. However, the first idea you have may look right, but might not work. Kind of like a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit. You may need to try many pieces and many different approaches. For example, you want to defeat a level in a video game. You try one approach, but that method fails. So you try a new approach and succeed! Now you can try both approaches again and see that the first one still fails while the second approach succeeds. You have found the root of the problem and successfully debugged it. A lot of times when you eliminate one bug, a new one will show up to take its place. But don’t give up. You have a new puzzle! And that’s fun!

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