Titles: Functions.

Tim Kettering, Software Engineer at Lyft, sits in front of a gray background.
He wears a blue button down shirt with jeans.

Now, Tim signs.

Tim: You may be wondering why someone would want to create functions. Imagine yourself as a parent or a dorm counselor, and you have a number of children under your care. Now imagine you have to tell each one of them, individually and step-by-step, what they have to do to get ready for school. That would be so time-consuming! Instead, you could explain to all of them how to get ready for school, what the steps are, and once they all understand, from then on you would just say “get ready for school” and they would know what to do. That’s why you create a function. You need to define a sequence of commands in the proper order of execution and give the function a name. In this case, getReadyForSchool. That’s how you create a function. Any time you’re writing code you can call a function by its name!

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