Titles: Introduction

Two men sit in front of a gray background.

The man on the left wears a blue button down shirt with jeans.
He has short, reddish hair and a beard.
His left forearm is covered in grayscale tattoos.

The man on the right wears a black Henley shirt and gray slacks.
He has medium length brown hair and a beard.

The man on the right signs.

Will: Hello! I’m Will.

Now, in a closeup, Will smiles.

Titles: Will Johansson, Software Engineer at Lyft.

Will: I am a coder, and I make apps. Why should you make apps? Because it’s fun to see people enjoy the apps you develop. As a Deaf person, I can give back to the community by making sure what works for us can be included. All of you give unique perspectives that other people don’t have. Which makes apps better. This kind of meaningful employment inspires me to work, and I hope the same for you!

The man on the left nods.

He signs.

Tim: Hi! My name is Tim.

Now, in a closeup, Tim smiles.

Titles: Tim Kettering, Software Engineer at Lyft.

Tim: I work with Will at Lyft as a software engineer and I’m happy for the chance to share my experiences and give some advice on what I think is a wonderful opportunity for Deaf people everywhere, including you! Coding is a field where Deaf people can really succeed. The industry is changing fast and it’s bringing so many opportunities for us to contribute! You can step up and contribute too! Do you see a gap or a missed opportunity for us? You can learn how to write code and make it happen!

Will nods.

Tim smiles.

An Apple logo.

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