Bug Reporting

Using Apple Bug Reporter

About Apple Bug Reporter

You can use Apple Bug Reporter to submit bug reports, request enhancements to APIs and developer tools, and track your submissions. To access Apple Bug Reporter, you must be a Registered Apple Developer.

Submitting a Report

When submitting a report, limit your submission to one issue. This allows us to effectively distribute the necessary information to specific teams within Apple. Your submission will be reviewed by Apple engineers and we'll contact you if we need additional information. You can check the status of your report by signing in to the Apple Bug Reporter. If there's no status provided for your report, you may update your report with a status update request and we will provide any available information.

Attaching Files

While you may submit a report from an iOS device, we suggest submitting from your Mac so that you can attach files. There is no file limit per bug report, although only one file per 'Attach a file' can be uploaded at a time. Folders can be uploaded if compressed as a file. To compress a folder in OS X, right or Control click on the folder and choose Compress from the pop-up window.

Be sure to include any necessary iOS logs or Mac logs to expedite our investigation process. A Mac System Information Report is required for crashes or kernel panics, as well as reports against hardware or issues with printing. After reviewing your report we may ask for additional files, which you can attach even after submission.

Once uploaded, you can access and download your files to your desktop from Apple Bug Reporter. From Apple Bug Reporter, click the Bug ID number and the File Enclosure icon will display your files.

Viewing Your Reports

Bug reports are separated into the following categories:

  • Attention: information has been updated and action may be required
  • Open: these reports are still being investigated
  • Hidden: these reports are hidden from view
  • Closed: these reports have been resolved
  • Archived: these reports are archived
  • Drafts: these reports have not been submitted

Bug reports requiring your attention will appear in your 'Attention' folder. We either need more information to investigate the reported issue, or we have information to relay to you. Once you update the bug report, it will no longer appear in red.

You can filter your list by 'Product', 'Classification', or 'State'. Select the item in the drop-down list by which you wish to filter, and filtering is automatically initiated. You can also apply multiple filters simultaneously.

You can search for your submitted bug reports by individual Problem ID, Title, Originated Date, Notes, Problem Description, or by any combination of the above. Wildcards ("%" and "_") can be used for text searches within any of the searchable fields, and the Originated Date can be searched using greater than, less than, or a date range. Search results can be further refined by filtering and sorting by columns to find exactly what you're looking for.


How do I reopen a closed report?

If you encounter your reported issue again after it's been marked as closed, update your report with the necessary information and we will reopen it.

I receive an error when uploading a file to my report. What should I do?

Some files include a bundling of applications or files. If you receive an error message while trying to upload a file (like an NSPOSIXError Domain error), try compressing the file and uploading it again. If you continue to experience issues, comment in your bug report that you are having a problem attaching files and we will contact you with an alternative way to send them.

What is the recommended browser for using Apple Bug Reporter?

For best performance, use Safari on OS X Lion or greater. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to access Apple Bug Reporter.

As a Windows user, what configuration information should I submit with my report?

Upload a text file containing the Windows system, Apple Software version, and build numbers.

Where do I send feedback about the Apple Bug Reporter?

Bugs or enhancement requests regarding the Apple Bug Reporter itself can be submitted as a report within Apple Bug Reporter.

I can't sign in to Apple Bug Reporter. What should I do?

If this issue persists, please contact us.

Can I request technical support for a bug report?

Yes, if you are an Apple Developer Program member. To make a request for code-level support, submit a Technical Support Incident (TSI). Your incident will be assigned to a Developer Technical Support engineer who can provide a workaround if one is available.

For up-and-running support, please contact AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE.