Bug Reporting

Problem Details


Recap the problem title and be explicit in providing more descriptive summary information:

  • Describe what happened, what you were doing when it happened, and why you think it is a problem
  • If applicable, provide a test case, sample app, sample project, sample link, etc.
  • If you receive an error message, provide the content of the error message or an approximation of it
  • Provide specifics and refrain from using vague language or colloquialisms

Instead of using descriptive words or phrases when something “looks bad”, “has issues”, “is odd”, “is wrong”, “is acting up”, or “is failing”, be concise and describe how something is looking or acting, why you believe there is a problem, and provide any error messages that support the problem you are reporting.

  Non-functional Functional
Example 1 When printing, nothing happens. Application doesn’t work. Print Menu item enabled, print dialog box appears, print button enabled, but progress dialog box doesn’t appear.
Example 2 Safari is slow. Safari is slow allocating JavaScript arrays. (Include JavaScript sample with your bug report.)
Steps to Reproduce

Describe the step-by-step process required to reproduce the issue you are reporting. Be specific when describing these steps by providing as much detail as possible. Note: It's better to include too much information rather than not enough information, which will help minimize the amount of back and forth communication between you and our engineers.

Expected Results

Describe what you expected to happen when executing the steps to reproduce.

Actual Results

Explain what actually occurred.


If you have found a workaround for this problem, describe it.


Note any other configurations in which this issue was reproducible. Include details if it is new to this build or no regression testing was done.

Please review the iOS and Mac Logging Instructions sections for any logs or other important information that should be included with your bug report.