I have somehow been removed from testing my app on TestFlight

In my Testflight app on my iPhone I have somehow been removed from testing my app on TestFlight even though I am listed as an internal tester in TF Cpanel. I changed nothing. What happened? How can I fix this?

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  • This question looks old, I faced the same recently.

    It seems like after a few months it removes testers once all builds expire from a test flight. It was fixed after I added a new test flight builds, it took longer than normal before it notify my internal testers approx 2hours but, eventually, it added them back and notify them of the new build version.

    No need to delete all users and re invite.

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Hey Jeff,

You got this fixed? I also had this problem since few months..

I just phoned App Store Supporters and provided them more details. Will update here if we figure out a solution!

I've been having the same issue with 2 different apps and have been working with Apple for over a month. We managed to fix one of the apps but not the other. To fix it, they had me remove the rescue email (which is my personal Apple ID) from my developer Apple ID. It wasn't clear why this should be an issue, but that's what they had me do.

I then had to delete my user from the list of "App Store Connect Users" under TestFlight in App Store Connect and then add it back. Once I did that, I was then able to get nightly builds for that app again.

However, doing the same thing with my other app did nothing. In fact, App Store Connect won't even let me remove my user account from the "App Store Connect Users" list. It either acts like it removes me (but leaves my name there) or gives a generic "something went wrong, please try again" error.

I'm just posting here in case any of that info helps anyone else (and maybe get some additional info).

Good luck!

I'm struggling with this as well. It seems like very new build, testers are magically removed and I have to go thru the somewhat tedious process of adding them again.

Are there new informations about this bug?

Same issue here, constantly every month or two I have to re-add people to the testing list. What kind of operation are you running, apple?

I am facing this same issue for two of my colleagues. If I add one the other gets removed automatically. Any solution?

I also constantly experience this issue

We are also seeing this issue for two developers on our team frequently

I've been having this issue on and off for a few years. Now I'm seeing a problem where I can't even re-invite myself to the app. After re-inviting I get the invitation email but Apple always says that something went wrong and I can't redeem the invitation.

Seeing this as well. I guess Apple doesn't care.

Having the same problem. Removing my user and adding again used to send another invitation. But now, doesn't do anything.

First time we accept an invitation the email will be linked to the Apple ID that is currently on the device's AppStore. Is there a way to link the email to another Apple ID?

  • Having the same problem. Our team invited about 300 testers in our company. Some testers told us that they were removed from the test group, but we didn't do anything

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Still here with same problem.

The issue seems to be caused by expired registrations. I just re-registered and I expect new builds no come in shortly.

In my case testers were added first as external testers and later as internal testers. This is what Apple Support send me:

If the tester is listed as an internal and external tester under the same name or email address.

 The tester should:

  1	Press the Stop Testing button in the TestFlight App, if visible.

	2	Delete and reinstall the TestFlight app.

You should:

	1	Remove the duplicate user from internal and external testers.

	2	Resend the invitation as an internal or external tester, but not both.

If this doesnt work then pleas provide the following information, To better assist you, ....